Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making Work Portable with Schoology

Samples of my honor students' assignments this quarter so far...

Thank goodness for Schoology. It makes work portable. Just done checking all of my students journals and assignments. One of the many features I love about Schoology is that I could read, give feedback and put a grade immediately. It is also convenient for my students to check their scores immediately. Some of them subscribe feeds through their Iphones and BB. They also told me that they could journal from almost anywhere with Schoology. That spoke for me too! I could read their assignments while Hobbit drives me to different eateries during the weekend! :)

So teachers out there, give Schoology a try. I am sure you will be thrilled unless you don't like to take work all over the place. Well, not that I like to do so but I have no choice! Oh, one of the cool thing is, you could just accumulate your grades there until the end of the quarter and either export or print all the grades out so you could have a hard copy of all your online work. Then all you have to do is enter them into your school's official grade book. "Easy peasy" says my 1st graders! Oh wait, any way to hook up my laptop to an lcd tvs samsung? :)

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