Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making Work Portable with Schoology

Samples of my honor students' assignments this quarter so far...

Thank goodness for Schoology. It makes work portable. Just done checking all of my students journals and assignments. One of the many features I love about Schoology is that I could read, give feedback and put a grade immediately. It is also convenient for my students to check their scores immediately. Some of them subscribe feeds through their Iphones and BB. They also told me that they could journal from almost anywhere with Schoology. That spoke for me too! I could read their assignments while Hobbit drives me to different eateries during the weekend! :)

So teachers out there, give Schoology a try. I am sure you will be thrilled unless you don't like to take work all over the place. Well, not that I like to do so but I have no choice! Oh, one of the cool thing is, you could just accumulate your grades there until the end of the quarter and either export or print all the grades out so you could have a hard copy of all your online work. Then all you have to do is enter them into your school's official grade book. "Easy peasy" says my 1st graders! Oh wait, any way to hook up my laptop to an lcd tvs samsung? :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I See The Light

Here's Arden Cho & Gerald Ko's version of I See The Light from the Disney movie Tangled.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Toreh Getah Lah!

This week, mom asked me about a piece of land that was given to me from my kins this year. She asked me about my future plans for that particular land. I simply told her to leave it empty for now for I have no plans nor have I thought about what to do with it. She laughed. She said young people usually don't see the importance or the need for a land right now but wait until you are desperate looking for one for whatever reason, then you'll know. Well, that I sort of understand. So I jokingly said to Hobbit at dinner today, lets become a rubber tapper which surprisingly he agreed to. Hmm...Maybe my dream for a table rock lake homes would soon come true, ey??

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Sabbath Gift

He is like a loving father tending to our every wounds.

I came home with a heavy heart this evening. I whined to Hobbit all the way home. At the back of my mind I was thinking, why am I like this? This is not me! Yet realising didn't change the fact that I was feeling down and low in spirit. My last blow was, couldn't there be any easier way than this??

As soon as I reached home, dumped everything, curled in bed...For once I felt like crying myself to sleep but all of a sudden it's as though I heard a voice (my own silent voice but surely not of me), the voice of God whispered, If God Is For Us, Who Can Go Against Us?

Immediately I knew that satan has implanted those negative feelings in me to make me feel worst whenever fear sets in. I thought this couldn't be happening, especially at times like these. I needed to be strong, I needed more faith to trust Him that no matter what, He will look after me and my family. If He is with us, who can say or do anything to destroy what He has instored for us?

After uttering that verse again and again...I finally felt my whole burden and sorrows and fear being lifted up and totally gone! I conveyed what just happened to Hobbit, my loving husband, and we both rejoiced in tears. God is just so amazing. My lack of faith has always made Him too small against all my problems. Yet I am thankful that when I call, He answers. He's never too busy nor too far away. With that said, have a Happy Sabbath folks!

Here's my favorite Sabbath prayer for today...

Dear God: It’s such an awesome feeling to come up to the Sabbath and simply, stop. After working my tail off all week long, I almost don’t know how to quit achieving, but you’ve told me I must. What a beautiful discipline that is.

Thank you, Father, for the loving strength in your command. Like a wise coach who says to his swimming protégé, “Out of the pool, son. Right now.” On my own, I’m prideful enough and ambitious enough and insecure enough that without you giving me a divine order, I’d keep right on blindly rat-racing right through every weekend.

It’s wonderful how your day of rest simply comes to me in the form of a gentle sunset. I don’t have to travel anywhere to find it, or qualify to experience it. If I’m here at home in my own backyard, or touring the farthest corner of Asia, the Sabbath just twinkles its starry way toward where I am waiting. I wish the entire planet was watching for it – and maybe someday it will be that way in your eternal kingdom.

But for this current life marked by urgent fatigue, thank you, Lord, for Sabbath rest.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

--David B. Smith--

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome Baby Aaron

Image was stolen from one of my cousin's fb! :)
Through my Ordinateurs de bureau, I received a very good news from my family! The family members celebrated the arrival of baby Aaron this morning. Baby Aaron looked exactly like my cousin A but also a shadow resemblance of his mom, E. E and I were classmates in form 4 and 5 and she used to call me Mamie because of the sound of the last syllable on my name. My friends and I called her Ina, innocent and sweet. When my cousin and Ina got engaged, I was taken by surprise knowing that my former classmate is with my cousin and that she would be my cousin in law in no time. I was overjoyed!
Well, without babbling more, I just want to congratulate both new parents for their little bundle of joy! I will see you when you're a little 'grown-up' baby Aaron! :)

Sorry & Deductions

Awwww...I am inspired by this project. Such a moving one and doable at the same time. I think I know just a project for my students to earn back what they have lost in all the classroom deduction. As of now, they are beguiling me into doing stuff to earn back their points like you know...I keep a record of my minuses such as socks not covering ankle, deduct (they said it is much comfy to wear it halfway only..gggrrr!)...ROTC incomplete uniform, deduct...wrong shoes, deduct...speak Thai, deduct...bringing audiometer/gadgets to class, deduct...Oh dear! I am getting so good at deducting! I am still debating whether I should give grace points towards the end of every quarter just so that they could redeem a small portion of their grades back. Ahh! Community service always comes handy eh??
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