Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paragliding to Lizards

While browsing my blog feed, I stumbled upon the above picture from this blogger. I believe it was captured in Phuket. Someday, after a busy working day, I would like to just jump into a gliding suit and para-glide across the horizon! For sure if not terrified, it will give a lot of satisfaction.

Moving on to what is current, our school just had its new students orientation program today and one of the highlight was a video presentation. If I were a parent, I would definitely be sold to EIS. Kudos to those who worked on it. Aside from the presentation in the auditorium, our high school section had a nice mini tour throughout the subjects and classes that the students would anticipate in a week time.

After school orientation, Hobbit and I visited HCTCH. The smell of Chinese herbs made me sick that I wanted to just run off. Yet, the opportunity to learn about those herbs were worth the stay. I just hated the wait and the smell. Not to mention how a patient argued about his social security disability in public. One word, check ahead of time.

On our way home, we stopped at Baan Daeng (Red House) for lunch. I wanted the restroom badly but upon entering, there was a big lizard starring at me as I was about to close the restroom door. I frantically ran outside and didn't get to go. We quickly ordered, ate and left! Aarggh, someone need to tame me with those cold blooded creature!

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