Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Invitation

I just received birthday party invitations from two of my cousins inviting me to a combined birthday party for my niece and nephew. A hand made birthday cards! Something I love to receive...:)

Sorry Samantha and Abram...Hot Aunty would really like to come but has to work! Boo...The theme for their party totally will separate the house into a gender divided party. One side will be a Ben 10 theme and the other side will be Dora theme! Can't wait to see their cakes! By the way, both of them were born almost the same date..Just two days apart! How cool was that? Anyway, Hot Aunty hope you guys don't run over your pretty cakes because one of you did that last year! :) By the way, I went to birthday party invitations to look at some cool invites. :)

Happy Birthday to my two huggelicious Sam & Abram!!! We love ya!

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