Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2nd Week of School

Second week of school. I am glad that my students are still keeping their fangs and horns down but as I get to know them, they aren't as bad as what I had prepared for based on what I was told. My 4th period has started to act up a bit but that's it. They just couldn't keep their mouth sealed. Even so, I can count how many would really wrack up if they really want to as we go by...I am just so glad that they aren't giving me a hard time especially when it comes to the 'managing' part. They manage themselves.
We reviewed the parts of speech today and most of them are active in earning their daily participation points even though I still spot one or two who are pretending to be 'earning' when they were really just yearning for the time to end soon. I hope things only gets better and I trust that things will get much better once we 'get to know' each other very well. Otherwise they are always welcome to build outdoor fireplaces to seek refuge for not being interested!

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