Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday 2

I thought this is a beautiful prayer to share:

A Teacher's Prayer

O Lord, Grant me your strength,

so I will have courage in every situation.

Grant me your love,

so I will never give up on anybody.

Grant me your wisdom,

so I will show others the path to success.

Grant me your mercy,

so I will forgive those who have hurt me.

Grant me your peace,

so I will find the best in everybody.

Grant me your hope,

so I will never give up.

Grant me your joy,

so I will be thankful for all my blessings.

And grant me your grace,

so you will always be at my side.


-- David Bennett

Such a beautiful one isn't? I think I need a Ray Ban Aviator...My eyes hurts in the evenings which is weird. It has been like this since school started. I wonder if my aircond in class would be the main cause? Or could it be my foundation that causes the irritation? But I don't use foundation most of the time now. Make-up seems to appeal lesser to me nowadays because of the weather and my current state of being. Anyway, I hope this eye problem will go away soon before it takes the better of me.

It's Friday Friday Friday...

Just read about estate planning. Lots of hassle if you go by it alone but if you seek help, it will be much more easier and you can get things work out fast as well.

It's finally Friday once again. For some weird reason, I thought Wednesday and Thursday this week felt like a Friday! Must be my countdown fever, affecting all my running nerves just because I am being impatient. I have tried to plan work in advance but sometimes planning has its drawbacks too! I tend to overlook several things that needed to be attended right there and then. I'm not the all-knowing, which I always wish for (if I was to ask for a super power, that is). Yet it's Friday! Who cares about next week. I think I can get half of those days covered this Sunday...Right now, I am imagining smelling the fish that Hobbit and I will attend to this evening. My appetite really can't wait!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Organizing Chores

Sometimes I feel like organizing my priorities according to Maxine's priorities above. It's so much easier! Don't you think so?

2nd Week of School

Second week of school. I am glad that my students are still keeping their fangs and horns down but as I get to know them, they aren't as bad as what I had prepared for based on what I was told. My 4th period has started to act up a bit but that's it. They just couldn't keep their mouth sealed. Even so, I can count how many would really wrack up if they really want to as we go by...I am just so glad that they aren't giving me a hard time especially when it comes to the 'managing' part. They manage themselves.
We reviewed the parts of speech today and most of them are active in earning their daily participation points even though I still spot one or two who are pretending to be 'earning' when they were really just yearning for the time to end soon. I hope things only gets better and I trust that things will get much better once we 'get to know' each other very well. Otherwise they are always welcome to build outdoor fireplaces to seek refuge for not being interested!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Little Dream Cabin

I have always wanted a cute cabin built at my dad's river cottage. Up till now, I still can't quite decide what I want inside my cabin and how the surroundings will look like. Since I am actively playing Smurf village, I thought of those cute mushroom houses and the cute little benches...By the way, I browsed through mountain living furniture and found some furniture I liked. Yet, what I didn't know is that you have to also choose the types of wood you want to use for your furniture. I liked pine and cedar furniture but dislike aspen. Hm...Doesn't quite give that nonchalant look I guess. So here are some furniture that I would go for...

Jadestone Delta 3 Light Pinebranch

Wooden Planter Boxes

Cedar Porch Swing

Yeah...I have lots of time to dream on...^_^

4Him - It is Well With My Soul

This was one of our favorite song during college years. Hobbit and I happened to revisit religious contemporary classics this week and most brought back good memories. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Invitation

I just received birthday party invitations from two of my cousins inviting me to a combined birthday party for my niece and nephew. A hand made birthday cards! Something I love to receive...:)

Sorry Samantha and Abram...Hot Aunty would really like to come but has to work! Boo...The theme for their party totally will separate the house into a gender divided party. One side will be a Ben 10 theme and the other side will be Dora theme! Can't wait to see their cakes! By the way, both of them were born almost the same date..Just two days apart! How cool was that? Anyway, Hot Aunty hope you guys don't run over your pretty cakes because one of you did that last year! :) By the way, I went to birthday party invitations to look at some cool invites. :)

Happy Birthday to my two huggelicious Sam & Abram!!! We love ya!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Signatures to Work

I just got off from putting initials and signatures on a 50+ pages of a bank document! Honestly, why do we need to do all those? Can't I just put a signature at the end of it, a proof that I have read and understood everything on it? I don't know about the 5th wheel insurance, but spare us our signatures!!

Anyway, I am going to sew my bulletin board's boarder for the first time. Main reason is, I don't have enough of those paper ones. Haiyah, time is catching up on me and I have hundred of things running in my head, thinking of which to start first. Thank goodness my teaching stuff are ready. It's just my classroom...If only I could have octopus hands, I would gladly assign each to a corner. Can't wait to get my energy back. I need to be active and move faster like I always do. Just wait...And Lord, grant me lots of patients...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paragliding to Lizards

While browsing my blog feed, I stumbled upon the above picture from this blogger. I believe it was captured in Phuket. Someday, after a busy working day, I would like to just jump into a gliding suit and para-glide across the horizon! For sure if not terrified, it will give a lot of satisfaction.

Moving on to what is current, our school just had its new students orientation program today and one of the highlight was a video presentation. If I were a parent, I would definitely be sold to EIS. Kudos to those who worked on it. Aside from the presentation in the auditorium, our high school section had a nice mini tour throughout the subjects and classes that the students would anticipate in a week time.

After school orientation, Hobbit and I visited HCTCH. The smell of Chinese herbs made me sick that I wanted to just run off. Yet, the opportunity to learn about those herbs were worth the stay. I just hated the wait and the smell. Not to mention how a patient argued about his social security disability in public. One word, check ahead of time.

On our way home, we stopped at Baan Daeng (Red House) for lunch. I wanted the restroom badly but upon entering, there was a big lizard starring at me as I was about to close the restroom door. I frantically ran outside and didn't get to go. We quickly ordered, ate and left! Aarggh, someone need to tame me with those cold blooded creature!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Definitely In A Yellow Submarine

Of late, I am very attracted to the color yellow. I don't know what happened to the previous attraction pink but yellow is my current like! Above are my combination of a day wear to school. Pairing off the yellow dress with a dark blue cardigan and my type of platform shoes would make me a sunbeam! Oh dear!!!

Not So Hip Hop

One of my students asked me for suggestions on what to wear for her hip hop dance competition. She has several ideas in mind of her own hip hop clothing, but needed some accessories to match with. She mentioned specifically that her shoe has to draw attention since all her moves will be focused a lot more if her shoe is significant enough. I being a very 90s hip hop 'hoodlum' decided to share my one cent on what I would wear if I were to be in her shoes! Long story short, she of course detested on the mini skirt but went ahead and got one of those shoe above and red in color. I wish I could share you her final picture but I would get a thousand scolding if I do that. Anyway, her competition is next month and I wish her all the best, as all teachers would do. ^_^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to the Classics

Believe it or not, I'm back into reading classics like Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, etc. It's a good thing to have an ipad because I get thousands of classics from some book apps but also a curse when it makes you sleep at 4-ish in the morning!

Anyway, I'm here to share you a quote I love from watching a classic-turned-BBC series Jane Eyre. The classic act of love made me want to kiss someone's feet! I'm hoping to start Wuthering Heights sometime soon. Can someone hire me to just read??

"It is a crime against God to deny yourself love; It should be the eleventh commandment!"
- Jane Eyre

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smurf Smurf Smurf

When I was a kid, I remember mom and dad bought me smurf comic books and coloring books. One thing I enjoyed doing was to trace the smurfs out on a blank paper and made my own clouds of conversation as if I was writing my own comic book.

During the summer, I was too bored after work and decided to download the smurf game on my ipad. Since then I got addicted. Moving on to level 24 now, Hobbit told me that a smurf movie will be out sometime soon. I am excited. Meanwhile, here is the trailer to 'smurf' you into watching it once it's out! :)

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