Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Online University

Recently, two of my friends from high school decided on an online university as a way to pursue their Masters studies. One is a mother of two and another, a full time homemaker. At their mention of an online degree, I questioned them of guessed what? Not so much on the credibility and stuff but on the fees! Yes, I always heard people complaining about how costly it is to study online.Yet for these two friends, I shouldn't even ask because I clearly know they could afford. Speaking of a tycoon husband and a marine captain! :) then next came my questions about the courses, duration and correspondence. Apparently they were given a choice. They have to join a course forum online and would submit their work every third week of the month and it is up to their speed to finish up the courses as long as they don't exceed the given timeline which is 2 years. Not bad huh? Here is an online university you could browse through if you are interested to take courses online. I know I won't get back to studying very soon. :)

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