Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom Dad In Da House

My parents are in da house!! Dad looks like he needs some diet pill that works fast! He gained some weight from all that eating or could it be from all that sitting, loitering while Fbeing?? Whatever it is, I'm so glad my mom and dad are around. They make the house so much ali ve with jokes and laughter! Oh, not forgetting all the advice popping out once in a while too! Errr, I don't quite like it but hey, they don't come around so often in your adult life do they? Well, to start off their short vacation here, we went for a Thai massage yesterday. As much as I thought mom would be screaming from pain, she didn't but I did. She kept whispering (as she was lying next to me) "eh, how can you tahan oh??" and I couldn't answer because my masseur pressed hard on me! Ya, you think I keep quite means I can tahan ah? Heh! Then on our way home she said "I thought you bones broke into pieces because mine almost did!" Oh moooooooooommy! Obviously I was the tinniest in the massage room and dad put it as "she disappeared inside the blanket.." Ahhh!

I spent my time educating them on their sophisticated gadgets this morning. They have them but don't really know how to use aside from fbeing, calling and messaging. So I introduced dad to twitter! I super love twitter.

So till then. Will blog about their little adventure around Bangkok again when I get the chance to. Shopping time!!!

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