Saturday, July 16, 2011

Countless Visit to Siam Niramit

My visit to Siam Niramit is a countless times. Hobbit and I had been planning to go there on our own someday but who knows the someday would be today! After checking out beautiful diamond engagement rings to suggest to a family member, I freshen up and headed out with parents and Hobbit. When I reached Siam Niramit, I noticed that nothing has changed ever since the first time I visited. The 'beautiful' framed-money-making pictures which cost dad's 200B is still luring tourists and non tourists, at different spots. I love the buffet though. I know some of the food are hard to digest but we got what we paid for. Parents of course enjoyed the traditional houses since they reminded them of their growing up era. Nothing new in the stage show unless you missed out on details.

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