Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chatuchak Market

I don't remember not liking this place before. The time when Chatuchak was particularly in my heart was the time Dee and I got busy shopping for my wedding. Chatuchak was my sole hope for all the trinkets and cards and what not. Today, as I walked through each of the tiny sois, I just don't find anything that could attract me other than the excitement on all the current visitors that very much reminded me of my own feelings on this place many years ago. Today, I couldn't care much about creative vases, furniture or clothes. I just want to be here, take my parents shopping and get done with it. Guess coming to Chatuchak without any purpose could be very boring...But hey, if you have air-conditioner and a 5.1 home theatre system, I bet everything would be fine. Not walking on potholes and hot weather, thank you!!

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