Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knit & Purl Again

Dad captured this with his HTC android =)

Guess what I did today? I re-kindled my forgotten knitting. I admit it was a bit of a pain to re-learn how to cast on and do the knit stitch but thank God I picked up the rhythm in no time. I had a lot of yarns sitting in my shelf unused plus I needed something to distract me from reading (my eyes started seeing doubles after several days of Elizabeth Gilberts!). Before bedtime, I managed to knit up a black scarf while watching funny pranks on Youtube. When the fingers get used to repetition, they don't need the eyes...

Looking forward to some warm clothings. I can't believe holiday is going to end soon but ironic as it may sound, I miss teaching.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Almost August

It's almost August!! School is starting soon and I haven't gone anywhere with my projects!

I was so happy Hobbit took me to a sewing shop today. I can't contain myself seeing the different length of zippers, sizes of buttons, designs of laces and the variety of fabrics while being in the shop.

I came home anticipating me in front of the sewing machine multitasking (as always), yet nothing close happened. I ended up reading my news feeds!

Tomorrow, I'm gonna be productive with my fabrics and zippers! Do look forward to new items coming up soon! :)

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Ultimate Photographer

They say "life is fragile" and I have been observing how true it is when three helicopters crashed in close proximity in the span of 9 days while trying to rescue each other, the horrendous Oslo shooting that alarmed the world, the Thai street sweeper hit dead by a wreckless student driver on the phone while diligently working and of late a singer who shares the same name with the surname of Winehouse reported dead for unexplainable cause. Reading news feeds has never been a prayless duty nor a seize of 'OMG' to say the least.

As I started my day today, I went into a little meditation which I rarely do for the sake of 'early to rise' and did a little unrolling of the past, present and future films that depicts on mostly uncertainties and over exposed rolls. I asked for extra blessings and a sturdy hands of the Photographer to lead and guide. Am gonna take care of the custom challenge coins!

Hope is never dim with His awesome flashlight of assurance.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chatuchak Market

I don't remember not liking this place before. The time when Chatuchak was particularly in my heart was the time Dee and I got busy shopping for my wedding. Chatuchak was my sole hope for all the trinkets and cards and what not. Today, as I walked through each of the tiny sois, I just don't find anything that could attract me other than the excitement on all the current visitors that very much reminded me of my own feelings on this place many years ago. Today, I couldn't care much about creative vases, furniture or clothes. I just want to be here, take my parents shopping and get done with it. Guess coming to Chatuchak without any purpose could be very boring...But hey, if you have air-conditioner and a 5.1 home theatre system, I bet everything would be fine. Not walking on potholes and hot weather, thank you!!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Countless Visit to Siam Niramit

My visit to Siam Niramit is a countless times. Hobbit and I had been planning to go there on our own someday but who knows the someday would be today! After checking out beautiful diamond engagement rings to suggest to a family member, I freshen up and headed out with parents and Hobbit. When I reached Siam Niramit, I noticed that nothing has changed ever since the first time I visited. The 'beautiful' framed-money-making pictures which cost dad's 200B is still luring tourists and non tourists, at different spots. I love the buffet though. I know some of the food are hard to digest but we got what we paid for. Parents of course enjoyed the traditional houses since they reminded them of their growing up era. Nothing new in the stage show unless you missed out on details.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom Dad In Da House

My parents are in da house!! Dad looks like he needs some diet pill that works fast! He gained some weight from all that eating or could it be from all that sitting, loitering while Fbeing?? Whatever it is, I'm so glad my mom and dad are around. They make the house so much ali ve with jokes and laughter! Oh, not forgetting all the advice popping out once in a while too! Errr, I don't quite like it but hey, they don't come around so often in your adult life do they? Well, to start off their short vacation here, we went for a Thai massage yesterday. As much as I thought mom would be screaming from pain, she didn't but I did. She kept whispering (as she was lying next to me) "eh, how can you tahan oh??" and I couldn't answer because my masseur pressed hard on me! Ya, you think I keep quite means I can tahan ah? Heh! Then on our way home she said "I thought you bones broke into pieces because mine almost did!" Oh moooooooooommy! Obviously I was the tinniest in the massage room and dad put it as "she disappeared inside the blanket.." Ahhh!

I spent my time educating them on their sophisticated gadgets this morning. They have them but don't really know how to use aside from fbeing, calling and messaging. So I introduced dad to twitter! I super love twitter.

So till then. Will blog about their little adventure around Bangkok again when I get the chance to. Shopping time!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Online University

Recently, two of my friends from high school decided on an online university as a way to pursue their Masters studies. One is a mother of two and another, a full time homemaker. At their mention of an online degree, I questioned them of guessed what? Not so much on the credibility and stuff but on the fees! Yes, I always heard people complaining about how costly it is to study online.Yet for these two friends, I shouldn't even ask because I clearly know they could afford. Speaking of a tycoon husband and a marine captain! :) then next came my questions about the courses, duration and correspondence. Apparently they were given a choice. They have to join a course forum online and would submit their work every third week of the month and it is up to their speed to finish up the courses as long as they don't exceed the given timeline which is 2 years. Not bad huh? Here is an online university you could browse through if you are interested to take courses online. I know I won't get back to studying very soon. :)

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Blue Polka Dress

If you are in my FB contact list, you would know that Hobbit and I attended a dear friend's birthday getaway.It was a fun-filled weekend. Here is feather flags.

The day before Pattaya's trip, I was informed that blue would be the theme for the birthday dinner night. Not that it is a must but I personally would like to honor the birthday girl with her favorite color since I have a big piece of blue polkies sitting on my sewing desk unused. So I came home early from work, had lunch and started my 3 hours long project. I had to time myself because I was tired for some reason and I hate missing out on Sabbath evenings.

In a nick of time, three hours gone and I have a dress. I have to say that this second attempt on a simple dress was faster and less hassle compared to my first which I blogged about here. The only major problem this time along was the sleeves. You could see traces of my frustrations stitched together on both sleeves! Yet, no one would notice if I don't raise my armpits right? Heh!! The zipper was still a pain but I managed. Not forgetting how my absent-mindedness led me to attached a short bag zipper on the dress and only noticed after I tried to unsuccessfully get into the dress!! I managed to take it off and attached the long zipper on with the help of Hobbit.

Exactly as how I imagined the dress to look on me! *satisfaction*

Happy 4th of July to those who are celebrating!!

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我相信你们会把我所写的翻译出来对不对? :)

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