Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two Changed Me

High risk life insurance deal is on. The weather was gloomy last Thursday morning. Hobbit peaked out of the window and murmured something too soft that his sound got overpowered by the music that was playing in the room. We got ready for school and headed out. As soon as we drove out of our apartment building, I noticed that the road was wet and I thought, ahh...I better get an umbrella. While Hobbit was driving, I searched the car for my holdable umbrella but it wasn't in the car. So I was upset because Hobbit knew it was raining outside yet didn't get me an umbrella. While driving to school, Hobbit and I encountered two minor accidents. One, a father and a daughter on a motorbike. The road was slippery and they fell hard on the ground just like that. Second was a driver who ramped into something at the side of the road.

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