Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Discotheque Dress


Wonder where I got the materials to make cawats from my last post? Yeah, you got it. I had to sacrifice a Cinderella ball dress for six pieces of coverings! Wait, you didn't get it. Of course not.

What was I thinking?? I'm not a seamstress and definitely have no si fu to teach me how to handle a piece of cloth, a pair of scissors and needles in the first place but I do know one thing best, I have big g*ts! Thus the attempt to make my own mini dress!

This is the 'lazy' method

tracing the other side of the dress

One side of the dress

One humdrum Saturday night, I took all my leftovers out and decided on a fabric to use. Guess what? The discotheque bulb patterns had to be the heart winner. I laid them flat on the floor, took one of my old mini dress to trace (very pro kan??), snipped the snip and there I went a pattern! Well, at least a crooked, clown dress won't look too bad in black. Suddenly the room's energy halted for the longest time and I heard...

See, I cincai-ly cut the neckline. Front lower, back higher

Hobbit: " Sayang, you've been sitting there for ages, when are you going to start??"
Sayang: "Soon..." and continued my longest stare...

I kept telling myself that it was a wrong move, I could still back off and snip those patterns into a mini pouch or anything handy. Yet another part of me itched stubbornly to move on. Okay, so the stubborn voice won and led me to endless measure! grrr! *pun intended*

Made some mistakes and Hobbit helped to slowly pull it apart slowly

This was the middle back side of the dress I had to trim open for the zipper

So I was halfway done except for the neckline and sleeves. Both front and back were sewn together. Yet the biggest problem with this was I couldn't get into the dress! Didn't matter whether I slip from up nor down. So I figured, if only I could attach a zipper would I be able to disco in that dress. I needed another snip in the middle backside of the dress.

The not quite finished dress. Wish I have a serger...

Believe me, I went blank many a times not knowing what to do next. On top of that, I didn't really know how to maneuver with all the gadgets I had to switch on my machine to make a dress! Boy was the zipper a pain. First, I had to figure how to get the zipper foot work, second, I had to think and imagine how to attached the zippers to the dress from insideout considering the appearance and all and last, to actually sew on zippers. Oh, did you know how hard it is to sew a semi curved shaped neckline? It's freaking hard (for a first timer of course). Too many first time experiences that was why they pretty much thrust me to finish the dress!

Waiting for a black zipper

This was my first time using this zipper foot

Bleh, the adjustment took time

The last labor job was to sew the right-hand-side zipper. When I was finally done, guess what I did?? I took the dress, folded it and laid it on the table shelf then bid it "until next time!"


Weee! I got to try the dress on today! It wasn't Forever 21 nor Zara labelled, but I was very pleased with all the noticeable imperfections on the dress. I made it knowing so well that I wasn't a crackerjack. I didn't make it for Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Attorney...Yet don't mind if I do. :)

Meantime, lets disco!!! You can ring my beeeeeellllllll.....ring my bell.....you can ring my beeeelllllll...ring my bell! ^_^
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