Sunday, May 1, 2011

Labor Day Sunday

Can I just knit and not sleep?

Where should I start? I have missed updating a potpourri of events here for the past month. It is not that I don't want to write anymore but sometimes I feel that my personal life is being exposed too much lol! Suddenly somebody would come to me asking about certain things that I didn't even tell them about. How did you know? Oh, I read your blog. But you don't even know me?? Yet I am also blogging and facebooking for my close family, relatives and friends. Just don't really like the unknown or those who are not even close to me sneak around my life. Yet, I have expected this to happen 12 years ago when I first started blogging! What more with all the sales jobs, my blogging life couldn't be more enjoyable without them. Forget those jeopardizers!

It is Sunday and I have saved this day to myself. I shall do my Korean series, my jajangmyeun cooking and my sewing! Great day to ya!! :)

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