Friday, May 6, 2011

Jov's Visit

We had company at home last week. Jovita came for a visit after leaving Bangkok for 4 oxyelite pro reviews years! She came on April 22nd and left on May 1st. She hasn't changed much...OnlyI was hoping to spend time with her but due to work and other commitments we weren't able to spend more time doing things and going places. Yet, I did enjoy our short shopping trip to Pratunam where the three of us (including Hobbit) splurged till our last bit in the pocket!

Dinner at De Lovely Restaurant

That night, we revisited our long lost girl's talk and ended up sleeping past midnight! LOL! I kinda miss those girls talk we usually do back in our college days. Wished Tenny and Lollie were here! Yup, we were those four first Sabahan gurls to roam the dorms when the International program just started. Well, hope she enjoyed here stay and visit here. I know she will come back again but this time, she better take someone with her...The more the merrier! :)

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