Friday, May 6, 2011

Aprilians So Cool!

If you ask what is my favorite month of the year, I would say April because I personally think that April babies are the coolest! Before you get jealous non-Aprilians, each of you are cool too except that I can't take this bias-ness out of me! Hah! So you heard that some friends and I celebrated our birthdays last April?? Well yeah I did but I want to particularly mention about one blast we had with an April babe, Deanna!

My friends and I had been planning this birthday blast for about a month. Naturally when you talk and expect about something good a lot, you just can't wait for that day to arrive. Our plans basically took many turns before we finally decided to stick to one lane and that was when we prepared our chocolate covered birthday berries none other than the birthday girl's favorite SR Chocolate mud cake! I have to say, the cake tasted so good even when you are with a full brim tummy!

After closing our Sabbath at home, Hobbit and I dressed to kill and headed out to Big Mama to celebrate. I could see everyone enjoyed their pasta, pizza, name it! To the brim...Oh, I love how they make a surprise entrance. The birthday song just fascinates me! :)

Next stop was The Banyan Hotel Bangkok. Too bad, we couldn't go up to Vertigo & Moon Bar due to the rain but good news was we landed on a good karaoke deal at Westin Grande Hotel. The view was equally awesome. We had a great time!

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