Sunday, May 29, 2011

106 Research Papers Times Three

My students working on their research in the library

How do you check 106 research papers all due at the same time, three times in a span of three weeks?

I am so glad that my students' first draft due date was over and I managed, after a few midnight oil, got through the markings and returned their papers for their second draft.

Today, I am faced with another horror -- How to manage marking 106 papers all over again. Now, each time they turn their papers in, I look at different things. That way, they could really improve on their paper and actually know where or what they need to improve on. While looking at some lipozene reviews, I suddenly thought of my papers and started working on them one by one. In the span of only an hour, I managed only a class. Four more classes to go and multiply that four with an average of 24 students in a class. Thank you for your sympathy! :)


jefferyclaxton said...

its time for the student to test teacher's skill.all the best

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