Sunday, May 29, 2011

106 Research Papers Times Three

My students working on their research in the library

How do you check 106 research papers all due at the same time, three times in a span of three weeks?

I am so glad that my students' first draft due date was over and I managed, after a few midnight oil, got through the markings and returned their papers for their second draft.

Today, I am faced with another horror -- How to manage marking 106 papers all over again. Now, each time they turn their papers in, I look at different things. That way, they could really improve on their paper and actually know where or what they need to improve on. While looking at some lipozene reviews, I suddenly thought of my papers and started working on them one by one. In the span of only an hour, I managed only a class. Four more classes to go and multiply that four with an average of 24 students in a class. Thank you for your sympathy! :)

Tuhau Salted Fish

Inspired by mom's tuhau salted fish (sent all the way from home), I decided to do something with the live tuhau that she also sent me together with the ready-made ones. Allow me to trigger a bit of your salivary glance today as I share with you how I made my simple to-die-for meal (at least for Hobbit and I)...

The day that I cooked tuhau salted fish, I was scrapping through my fridge for something that could give me a sweet, sour and salty flavor all in one! Since Jovita got me some ready-made salted fish, then my left over groceries provided me with green pepper chillies, ginger, garlic and shallots, and the mother of all ingredients -- tuhau, I started cooking disregarding my search and check city payday advance loans.

I sprinkled oil to my pot (yeah...I like frying with pots instead of pans because I hate burns all over my hands), toss in the garlic and shallots, waited till the the fragrance was up and toss in the pepper chillies, ginger and tuhau. Stir fried for a minute, then flinged in ikan masins aka salted fish.
Covered the pot for 30 seconds and uncovered it to stir while I sprinkled sugar and a teaspoon of tamarind paste. When everything was according to my taste bud and I was happy with the flavor, I switched the fire off and served.

I happened to have left over curry brinjal which I cooked the previous day. So I served that as well! Hobbit's tummy was a happy one that night. :)

LSU Heritage Singers Live Concert

Hobbit and I were really blessed by the heritage Singers live stream concert from La Sierra University Church, California this morning. All thanks to Charmaine Ku who tagged several people in FB! Just in case you want to follow their next live streaming concert, click here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Global Food Crisis

This news was on one of my tweets today: Mideast Staggered by Cost of Wheat. Suddenly I was reminded of this clip I posted below. The signs are everywhere. If you still don't realize or can't accept that we are in a massive food crisis then wake up because it is no longer a hidden agenda and not only it is affecting the third world country but the major countries included.

As for me, I need to be reminded of not wasting my food and so does my tummy. My tummy usually have two big eyes whenever it gets too empty! Grabbing my yoga pants to work out now!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Orchard Restaurant, PPark

I should have noticed earlier but I was really starving that I didn't even waited for Hobbit's to start...

See...It was down to the timun then I noticed...

Hobbit and I walked into Orchard Restaurant in Paradise Park yesterday to eat nasi ayam. I was starving to the max. When my food arrived, I was greedily eating until I saw a 'thing' which I thought to be black beans...Ohhhh...striped feet...many feet...#$#%#%! You should see my reactions when I deciphered what I saw to Hobbit! A fried cockroach RIP-ing nicely on my plate! Gah did that spoiler turned my appetite off! So Hobbit called the waitress who was working on barcode scanners, she looked on and mumbled "tai leaw, tai leaw!!" (die, die) and ran off to the kitchen with my tray. After two minutes, another waitress came and replaced my black bean steamed chicken with a purely steamed chicken set. Yes, they replaced the whole set but I still got paranoid and shoveled through my food before eating them. Ewww....

Five Spices Tuhau Chicken

I cooked Five Spices Tuhau Chicken today to celebrate Visakha Bucha Day! Ended the meal with sweet Thai yellow mangoes. Then I had a good nap from 8pm to 2am without cleaning myself up. A lazy, lazy night indeed!!

Selamat Hari Wesak everyone!! :)

p/s: Mom sent me lots and lots of raw tuhau aka. E. Coccinea to cook with anything I like! Woooohooo!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Against One

I just received news about one of my student who just missed his English test. Apparently he was involved in a bloody fight with three big boys from the eleventh grade. A teacher was trying to stop them but instead was ignored. Too bad there wasn't any 3d tvs. Why do things like this happen rampantly at the end of the school year? Is it that teachers and students start to be more lenient with each other? Or is it just that time of the month? Anyway, I am going to dig more from this student later on. Heard he was soak with! Brutus cannot die before the play ends!!!

Yes, he is my Brutus in our up coming Julius Caesar play on June 1, 2011. Come and watch if you are around my school's vicinity.

Space Saving Furniture

I wish to have a space saving furniture in my own home one day. It makes it so much easier to maneuver and clean. My favorite is the cushion-bed foldable. The designs are pretty cool too! Any chance to have such cool furniture here in Bangkok?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Aprilians So Cool!

If you ask what is my favorite month of the year, I would say April because I personally think that April babies are the coolest! Before you get jealous non-Aprilians, each of you are cool too except that I can't take this bias-ness out of me! Hah! So you heard that some friends and I celebrated our birthdays last April?? Well yeah I did but I want to particularly mention about one blast we had with an April babe, Deanna!

My friends and I had been planning this birthday blast for about a month. Naturally when you talk and expect about something good a lot, you just can't wait for that day to arrive. Our plans basically took many turns before we finally decided to stick to one lane and that was when we prepared our chocolate covered birthday berries none other than the birthday girl's favorite SR Chocolate mud cake! I have to say, the cake tasted so good even when you are with a full brim tummy!

After closing our Sabbath at home, Hobbit and I dressed to kill and headed out to Big Mama to celebrate. I could see everyone enjoyed their pasta, pizza, name it! To the brim...Oh, I love how they make a surprise entrance. The birthday song just fascinates me! :)

Next stop was The Banyan Hotel Bangkok. Too bad, we couldn't go up to Vertigo & Moon Bar due to the rain but good news was we landed on a good karaoke deal at Westin Grande Hotel. The view was equally awesome. We had a great time!

Jov's Visit

We had company at home last week. Jovita came for a visit after leaving Bangkok for 4 oxyelite pro reviews years! She came on April 22nd and left on May 1st. She hasn't changed much...OnlyI was hoping to spend time with her but due to work and other commitments we weren't able to spend more time doing things and going places. Yet, I did enjoy our short shopping trip to Pratunam where the three of us (including Hobbit) splurged till our last bit in the pocket!

Dinner at De Lovely Restaurant

That night, we revisited our long lost girl's talk and ended up sleeping past midnight! LOL! I kinda miss those girls talk we usually do back in our college days. Wished Tenny and Lollie were here! Yup, we were those four first Sabahan gurls to roam the dorms when the International program just started. Well, hope she enjoyed here stay and visit here. I know she will come back again but this time, she better take someone with her...The more the merrier! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Labor Day Sunday

Can I just knit and not sleep?

Where should I start? I have missed updating a potpourri of events here for the past month. It is not that I don't want to write anymore but sometimes I feel that my personal life is being exposed too much lol! Suddenly somebody would come to me asking about certain things that I didn't even tell them about. How did you know? Oh, I read your blog. But you don't even know me?? Yet I am also blogging and facebooking for my close family, relatives and friends. Just don't really like the unknown or those who are not even close to me sneak around my life. Yet, I have expected this to happen 12 years ago when I first started blogging! What more with all the sales jobs, my blogging life couldn't be more enjoyable without them. Forget those jeopardizers!

It is Sunday and I have saved this day to myself. I shall do my Korean series, my jajangmyeun cooking and my sewing! Great day to ya!! :)
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