Thursday, April 21, 2011

NSeoul Tower

Mr Moon accompanying the serene tower

Last week at this time, my family and I followed by Robert and his Korean gf took a cable car up to Namsan Seoul Tower. The weather was twice as cold when compared to the crowded Myeong Dong shopping haven (where we rummaged before walking up to the cable station). Hobbit and I immediately fell in love with the view.

The tranquil gazebo up there

We wished we could capture that moment through our blinking lenses so we could blink to it whenever, where ever. I remember asking Hobbit up there, "why do good things have to end very quickly??" Well, nothing is permanent no matter how much we want something to be. I am glad we could always say "there's always next time!" I used to deceive myself when I say 'next time.' Perhaps you'll never know, your next time could be 'many times!' So next time, I would bring Mitch and Micelle here together with their sport trophies. I know they will love the view!! :)

Wanted to post some pictures on FB but too lazy to even pull them out of the camera sd card. Haiyoh Mashi...

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