Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jesus Cares

Allah Peduli is a beautiful song. I first heard this song at my home church in Tambunan. A lady sang it without a background music and even so I almost had teary eyes.

How many times do you have this kind of feeling that He don't care? As a living human being, I can't deny to have that kind of feelings every now and then whenever I get upset with something. I thought if He really cares, why can't He help me with this very situation I am stuck with? Why can't He see my needs? If He cares, why can't He unfolds my future and tell me why He is holding back things in life. Although at the very back of my brain and deep in my heart I know for sure that He is watching over me, life is just hard at times that you tend to look for the innocent to blame just because we think that they are far perfect than ourselves.

This song comforts. This song talks about the One who loves us unconditionally. I have to get pink magic to help me focus. :)

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