Thursday, March 31, 2011

Immigration Lak Si

Hobbit and I drove to the new immigration office at 2pm yesterday. Thank God, we arrived and came home safely despite the heavy traffic congestion. Not to mention how we got lost at a tollway and had to make a big U-turn to get back to where we first started again. Missing one lane or junction in a tollway or a highway is a waste of time to any road users. We were catching up on time because the immigration closes at 4:30pm but God directed us with our gadgets and thus we came just on time do get our re-entry visas.

One sort of strange event happened while we were waiting for our number to be called. Hobbit and I were sitting at the benches outside of the work space rows and out of all the people who were sitting there, a Chinese lady who knows zero English and zero Thai came to ask me whether I speak Chinese and I said yes. She was overjoyed and requested me to help her with some translation with one of the immigration officer. I got that done and the more she thanked me. The thing was, how could she, out of the hundreds of people waiting, knew who exactly to ask for help given that she speaks neither of the languages the country speaks?

After the immigration, both Hobbit and I decided to stop at Bangkapi Mall to check out certain things that we and our home family needed. Midnight Sale! Too bad, I could spend nothing no more except for rain boots I guess. :(

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