Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haywired Weather & Haywired Me

Can't believe I neglected this blog for two weeks. Oh well, if not for some due dates, I wouldn't find myself writing at this moment. My excuses to that could simply start with work, anywhere last month to a never ending months to come. Perhaps, that shouldn't be an excuse to not being able to update. I love blogging, thus it should be a place to wind down and reflect on my everyday.

Since the Tsunami incident in Japan, the world's weather forecast has totally gone haywire. After the winter wind bid us goodbye last January, we totally braced ourselves for another summer. While hoping for pleasant summer, winter revisited and kinda flirted with summer a little that we earthlings could totally feel the love-hate 'radiation' happening within these two. Not to mention how rainy season threw its tantrum every now and then which, kinda messed everything around. That said, I need neoprene knee sleeve to sleep through all the confusions.

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