Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flu Outbreak

I have been feeling unwell for a week now. It started with a mild allergy, then it got worst from there. Last Thursday, I went for a casual check-up at BAH wanting to know about my nose and throat allergy. The doctor diagnosed acute pharyngitis. I didn't have runny nose, cough nor fever. Then on Saturday noon, I felt my bones were aching and everything just wasn't right. On top of that, I had horrible dysmenorrhea, my first ever (and the last I hope). Then I had friends over for birthdays and music. I shrugged the pain off as much as I could and enjoyed the night.

Next day, the stinging stomach pain didn't just leave when it was supposed to. Somehow, I managed to pull myself all the way to Paragon to meet friends. That night, my throat got worsen.

I went to school the next day thinking that hey, I am managing and I'm one of the wrestlers! Yet towards noon, I sneezed non-stop and my tutoring students were horrified of my changed of voice. I sounded like being possessed haha! Well, I wasn't surprised at all that I got worsen. How many of my students got the same symptoms? About I reckoned? I went home and my first landing made was the bed. My head and body started hurting so bad, I kept reaching for the tissue roll and loss of appetite. I thought this was it. The big outburst. So next day I opted for a lovely teacher to sub for me and continued the blowing and wiping the whole day! Hobbit came home and took me to the closest Samitivej hosp. They did the horrid h1n1 test but was negative thank God, and prescribed more meds plus 2 days leave.

So here I am today typing with a roll of tissue by my side, a bag of meds the other side and boxes of juice/water to keep me hydrated. My BB is on duty non-stop, delivering my students' "What happened to you Ms. Amy?" Anyway, I hope I will feel much better tomorrow because I am planning to jog this evening to sweat, sweat, sweat!!!

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