Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exercise Amy!

This weekend I am having the worst dysmenorrhea ever! I have been walking like an old lady and no matter how I position myself, I can't seem to ease the pain. Anyway, I was glad that Dollie managed to use the skill she got from her reflexology masseur on me last night. Where did my athletic side go? I use to work out with Hobbit last year and was very proud of myself when bathing in my own sweat. I need that kind of intense exercise again. I need to feel good again and most importantly, I need to be healthy again. Did I tell you that I didn't get any major flu attack that comes with all the fever and stuff? I just love acupuncture. It fixes your body. This year, I have no treatment backup, so I tend to get rashes on my face, nose and throat allergy and horrid dysmenorrhea! I need to go check out some sports promotional items.

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