Friday, March 18, 2011

Brrr in March

I reached school at about 5 minutes before the flag line-up today. Thanks to the roadside assistance plan initiated. Maybe I took it easy since the WASC is over. Anyway, the waether has been weird since yesterday. My FB friends has been naming this sudden winter "Winter March", "New Year in March" and so on. Another bizzarre experience ever since Thailand became my second home. The news reported several areas in the Northen region of Vietnam faced severe cold wave condition and even received a heavy snowfall on Wednesday. It happened that the Sabbath School lesson for this week is about nature and how nature could bring us so much closer to our Creator. I was pondering on all these things: natural disasters, bizzarre weather, political unrest and so on. Do you think this world would get any better than this? My cry rest in Revelation 22:20. Even so come, Lord Jesus, quickly.

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