Sunday, March 6, 2011

12 Personal Creations

My plan this year is to have 12 things of my own Personal Creations. Each month I would motivate myself to make something new whenever time permits. Just yesterday I managed to bake and decorate a simple cake for a party at my house. I dislike the taste for some reason because I expected better but heck it's my first attempt. My friends said it tasted good. How sweet of them to give such compliments. Love them to bits. It only encourages me to improve my skills on baking. Coming up next is a unique bag for my big-sized friend. Well, I didn't want to call her big-sized but she was the one warning me to take her size into consideration so the bag that I am going to make for her wouldn't look too small or too big either. So here's to encourage me! Su su...says the Thai language!

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