Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day in Bangkok

How does your city celebrates Valentine's Day?

After being in Bangkok for many years, I started to catch the rhythm of how the city celebrates special occasions. I particularly want to mention Valentine's Day. Why? Because two weeks before the love day, you could already see posters, promotions, discounts, flowers, red-pinkish decos and you name it! The city literally celebrates.

Driving around Bangkok in early February is simply a must perhaps you can be blown away with all the creative stuff they put up just for a day occasion. Florist shops all of a sudden seemed important and flourish, kiosks selling chocolate truffles suddenly get too busy packing orders which rarely happen and seen, cafes promoting couples treat/night with posters and adverts. all over the place plus earthling cupids are seen too busy choosing what to give to their better half cupids!

My school celebrated V-day 2 days earlier this year. So on Feb 11, my class received chocolates, soft toys, flowers and balloons non-stop. Free play of proposals in and outside of the classrooms and other I love yous! To some, their shirts printed 'uninterested' and some 'finally found you' and some had their own cheeky slogan 'who cares!' printed loud and clear. My classes had the day off and played a game everyone would forever recall. Who wants to teach when your students are popping red hearts out of their eyes!

Me? So I tried to be part of my students little magic, hoping that pink magic usp labs would work wonders with all the balloons floating on the ceiling. I managed yes, but one thing surpassed them all...was the love my students showed to me. I couldn't help but popped many hearts out from my eyeballs and smiled as all the popped hearts floated happily together in the air of LOVE.

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