Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Students, please read!"

It's super easy to upload work on document management. At least that's what my students noticed when they started using our class website. They no longer have to carry heavy books home. Yay for them. :)

This week is chill week (as my students put it). We did a lot of reading this week and surprisingly when reading was enforced in class, class discussions got even juicier and the students realized it too. One thing with these Thai kids, they hate reading. Besides my honor class, the rest of my regular classes don't read anything except for their textbooks. It goes along well with the recent statistics shown that the average books per year Vietnamese read is 60, Malaysian and Singaporean shows 40 to 50 books but the average books Thai read per year is guess how many? TWO. I read this in one of my twitter updates and you can make some research on this.

So this quarter, I hear myself repeat those words again and again in literature class..."Students, please read!"

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