Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oriental Princess Haul

My first encounter with Oriental Princess was way back in 2000. That time I was deeply in love with any apple scented products. I don't know how, I must have told one of my guy friend that I love this scent that one day he gave me an apple scented shower cream and body lotion from OP. I asked him where I could possibly get that scent in Bangkok, he was reluctant to tell because he didn't want me to spend money on such 'expensive' products. So he simply said "If you run out or you want other beauty products from OP, I can buy for you." He made me think that the products he got for me were expensive and a poor student like me couldn't afford those products. As I began using the products keeping "expensive" in mind, I went slow on the amount of shower cream and lotion I use everyday. I love love love the smell of it!

Fast forward 10 years since my first encounter with Oriental Princess, today I would have thought "how silly!" My other J&J body lotion and J&J shower cream cost more than OP. If only I knew the store is accessible in most shopping mall, I would have stick to the Apple scented products instead of my baby scented products which some people see as for babies only! The naive-about-beauty me 10 years ago would think that OP could be a bit costly but the conscious and careful me today would think the bargain at OP is super incomparable!

Last Thursday, I went to The Mall's OP store (thanks to Hazel who told me there is a store there) to catch the 15% discount on every products and 50% discount on the 2nd item from the make-up products. I just knew that OP gives 15% discount every Thursday, 4th week of the month. A friend of mine wanted to try their acne treatment products but I was hesitant to introduce something that I myself have not tried. All worth the money and I am sending those mini perfumes home.

No, I didn't just buy this one. I bought these mini hair spray, body moisturizer, shower cream and body mist last year.

My family love these mini perfumes. So I am going to send them home.

These are mine. From left to right:
1. As You Wish Oil Control Base
2. As You Wish Oil Control Foundation Powder No. 2
3. Alluring Matte Lipstick
4. Kiss From A Rose Natural Lip Tint: Pink Berry 13
5. Beneficial Dark Brown Eye Liner
6. Face illuminator Perfect Touch Up Powder (left them in the car, so not in picture)

Now I can't wait until the next Thursday of the 4th month to splurge again! :)
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