Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jab Mila Tu

Hobbit and I can't stop dancing and humming this song!

Hobbit kept saying the guy looks like Enrique Iglesias..

Don't know what got into me last week. I had the strongest urge to watch a Bollywood movie! While I was resting at one corner of the house, Hobbit downloaded several B-movies together with the subtitle. So we started with I Hate Love Story on custom laptops. The subtitle sucked somehow. Every single subtitle we tried, not one managed to work intelligently. Yet we understood. We did!! The movie was good since it kept us grounded for a good 2 hours or so. Many hours after that we also found ourselves humming to Jab Mila Tu and kept tu-tu-ing on and on and on until one of us eventually got fed up with the other's tu-tu...Not to mention that the tu-tu's were accompanied with a very silly ballerina dance! *_*

More Bollywood movies for me pleazzzzzeee....Jab mi la tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu...

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