Sunday, February 27, 2011

Curry Chicken Buns

Last Monday I had the urge to use up my bread flour since I noticed its point of purchase displays. This is my first time making buns. I have never made any sort of buns before. The only thing closer to the experience is seeing my mom putting ingredients into the bread maker. That's it.
kneaded dough. I put Herbalife's nutritious mixed soy in it.
That explains the color.

The bread maker will do all the job including letting the yeast rise because the bread maker has special timer for specific buns you want to make. I don't even know how to knead a dough. Yet, it didn't stop me from not trying. So I went into YouTube and check out how to knead a dough and the rest was mainly from my recipe book.

Was battling between tuna & chicken. Chicken won since I have left overs in the fridge.
Boiled the chicken chunk & shred them. Fried with curry powder & mix veg.

It was actually one of the easiest thing to do yet the kneading took effort. Both my arms were hurting the next day and couldn't stop to shiver. I guess I kneaded too hard lol. Oh well, the buns didn't disappoint me. The pictures speak of how they turned out.

Hobbit was kind enough to help me with the rolling. He was good at it.

The dough in the morning. Ready for the oven

Since Hobbit shove it into the oven a few hours before going to school, we both saved breakfast money that day and enjoyed our curry chicken buns. :) I am surely going to make this again with different fillings but only if I am ready to have sore arms! ^_^

After 8 minutes. Several buns went to school that morning! :)

I also had my leong fun jelly drinks after the kneading job...

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