Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1KG Got Into Me

Last week I bragged about the 2kgs I gained from all the happy meals and today I checked again.

A beautiful


Whou wait a minute, who put that 1kg there? Argh, no wonder I no longer fit my slack pants, no longer twist around my sleeping shorts and my mini skirts no longer fit to kill! What is the best weight loss supplements that could possibly keep the 2kgs but ditch the 1kg?

Last Wednesday I came home to a suddenly-turned-control-freak Hobbit. He said "Sayang, your menu for this evening is only pocky. No more eating. Look what the past few weeks have done to you. Yes it made you happy, you look great but often your happiness is short lived. When you don't fit into your clothes, you will start to complain. So today, pocky okay? Hellooo...I got your favorite lychee-flavored pocky...*ended with a big grin while waiting for approval* While my heart nodded to what he just said, my mind told me something else.
So I had my pocky sticks *yummilicious*, then a little later I started asking for cookies that he baked, then I wasn't satisfied, I asked for cheetos and was too salty after several bites, asked for water, asked for korean noodles with cheese when then I could see tummy's sleepy smile. I guess those are the 1kg?!

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