Sunday, February 27, 2011

Curry Chicken Buns

Last Monday I had the urge to use up my bread flour since I noticed its point of purchase displays. This is my first time making buns. I have never made any sort of buns before. The only thing closer to the experience is seeing my mom putting ingredients into the bread maker. That's it.
kneaded dough. I put Herbalife's nutritious mixed soy in it.
That explains the color.

The bread maker will do all the job including letting the yeast rise because the bread maker has special timer for specific buns you want to make. I don't even know how to knead a dough. Yet, it didn't stop me from not trying. So I went into YouTube and check out how to knead a dough and the rest was mainly from my recipe book.

Was battling between tuna & chicken. Chicken won since I have left overs in the fridge.
Boiled the chicken chunk & shred them. Fried with curry powder & mix veg.

It was actually one of the easiest thing to do yet the kneading took effort. Both my arms were hurting the next day and couldn't stop to shiver. I guess I kneaded too hard lol. Oh well, the buns didn't disappoint me. The pictures speak of how they turned out.

Hobbit was kind enough to help me with the rolling. He was good at it.

The dough in the morning. Ready for the oven

Since Hobbit shove it into the oven a few hours before going to school, we both saved breakfast money that day and enjoyed our curry chicken buns. :) I am surely going to make this again with different fillings but only if I am ready to have sore arms! ^_^

After 8 minutes. Several buns went to school that morning! :)

I also had my leong fun jelly drinks after the kneading job...

Chap Goh Meh 2011

Last February 18 was a public holiday in Thailand. Yet the day before was Chap Goh Meh, also known as Yuen Xiao, the last day of the Chinese New Year. Yes, CNY is celebrated for 15 days. Anyways, I am not going to explain all the significance and what the Chinese do on each day here but I want to tell you that Hobbit and I had a mini two-some celebration at Wan Chai HK Cafe located at Ekamai Road.

Every Chap Goh Meh, my family would have a small sit together to eat tang yuen aka. boiled glutinous rice balls which looked like this:
picture courtesy of lezx's blog
My mom would either buy the ready made dough or just make them herself. I remembered the many years I helped her roll the dough and boil them with ginger and rock sugar. Sometimes we even added some red bean paste into the balls so it wouldn't be just plain flour that we were eating. Back to Wan Chai HK Cafe, we were given two vouchers to try out their food there. So this was the best time to go since my mom insisted that we eat some tang yuen.

Wan Chai HK Cafe has a good ambiance. The place looks elegant and hi-so but the food and drinks they serve are at affordable price. I ordered two dishes. One was beef porridge and the other one was some Singapore noodles, I forgot the exact name. Hobbit ordered grilled chicken with pasta. Both of my orders were good, there were hints of authentic taste yet for the pasta that Hobbit ordered, nothing is great about it. It was bland and I thought that it was a wrong place to eat pasta since they specialized mostly on Asian food. When time for dessert, I looked at the tang yuen and thought "goodness...punya mahal, saya pun boleh buat!" (goodness...too expensive, I can make them too!) Gladly we ordered mixed lychee shaved ice instead. It was good, you should try it. When we left the place, we only paid 6B since we had the vouchers. We were bloated and were satisfied even without eating tang yuen. Before we left from home, we stopped by Max Vallu to buy vitamins for weight loss to send to one of my friend overseas. :)

Oriental Princess Haul

My first encounter with Oriental Princess was way back in 2000. That time I was deeply in love with any apple scented products. I don't know how, I must have told one of my guy friend that I love this scent that one day he gave me an apple scented shower cream and body lotion from OP. I asked him where I could possibly get that scent in Bangkok, he was reluctant to tell because he didn't want me to spend money on such 'expensive' products. So he simply said "If you run out or you want other beauty products from OP, I can buy for you." He made me think that the products he got for me were expensive and a poor student like me couldn't afford those products. As I began using the products keeping "expensive" in mind, I went slow on the amount of shower cream and lotion I use everyday. I love love love the smell of it!

Fast forward 10 years since my first encounter with Oriental Princess, today I would have thought "how silly!" My other J&J body lotion and J&J shower cream cost more than OP. If only I knew the store is accessible in most shopping mall, I would have stick to the Apple scented products instead of my baby scented products which some people see as for babies only! The naive-about-beauty me 10 years ago would think that OP could be a bit costly but the conscious and careful me today would think the bargain at OP is super incomparable!

Last Thursday, I went to The Mall's OP store (thanks to Hazel who told me there is a store there) to catch the 15% discount on every products and 50% discount on the 2nd item from the make-up products. I just knew that OP gives 15% discount every Thursday, 4th week of the month. A friend of mine wanted to try their acne treatment products but I was hesitant to introduce something that I myself have not tried. All worth the money and I am sending those mini perfumes home.

No, I didn't just buy this one. I bought these mini hair spray, body moisturizer, shower cream and body mist last year.

My family love these mini perfumes. So I am going to send them home.

These are mine. From left to right:
1. As You Wish Oil Control Base
2. As You Wish Oil Control Foundation Powder No. 2
3. Alluring Matte Lipstick
4. Kiss From A Rose Natural Lip Tint: Pink Berry 13
5. Beneficial Dark Brown Eye Liner
6. Face illuminator Perfect Touch Up Powder (left them in the car, so not in picture)

Now I can't wait until the next Thursday of the 4th month to splurge again! :)

Strawberry Puffer Face

I somehow feel like I look like this today...:(

I was called a strawberry puffer by Hobbit today. It's because of my rash-attack on my face. While we were teasing each other, he suddenly blurted out "no he can't read my puffer face..." instead of "poker face..."I was silent. He was waiting for my reaction...After a few seconds, I started giggling and my giggles turned to laughter...Ahh...It was hilarious! Then he took it as funny and repeated it again and again...Gah...

Yup, I guess I'll have to be Hobbit's pocahontas until this rashes goes away...

It's darn itchy, ya know!! ^_^

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

I think I can say that Hobbit and I are both obsessed with baking nowadays because for the past two weeks our meals had been coming out from the oven instead of the stove! Last week I was inspired to make some oatmeal cookies. So I went to Villa at Thong Lor to get some ingredients. As I was about to pay, I noticed that the amount of my groceries totaled up to the devil's number: 666B. Now that's rare. :) Back to the cookies, it was actually our first time to add oatmeal to the cookies ingredients and surprisingly it was easier to prepare. The rough texture made it easy to scoop to the tray and bake. Since I wanted it to be a healthy cookie, we used wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour and added all there was to be added such as chocolate chips, raisins, pecans, nuts, and sprinkles of cinnamon for a little pungent taste. At the end of the baking session, we made about 3 dozens of cookies which I managed to share with my students the next day of school. They need diet pills that work.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jab Mila Tu

Hobbit and I can't stop dancing and humming this song!

Hobbit kept saying the guy looks like Enrique Iglesias..

Don't know what got into me last week. I had the strongest urge to watch a Bollywood movie! While I was resting at one corner of the house, Hobbit downloaded several B-movies together with the subtitle. So we started with I Hate Love Story on custom laptops. The subtitle sucked somehow. Every single subtitle we tried, not one managed to work intelligently. Yet we understood. We did!! The movie was good since it kept us grounded for a good 2 hours or so. Many hours after that we also found ourselves humming to Jab Mila Tu and kept tu-tu-ing on and on and on until one of us eventually got fed up with the other's tu-tu...Not to mention that the tu-tu's were accompanied with a very silly ballerina dance! *_*

More Bollywood movies for me pleazzzzzeee....Jab mi la tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1KG Got Into Me

Last week I bragged about the 2kgs I gained from all the happy meals and today I checked again.

A beautiful


Whou wait a minute, who put that 1kg there? Argh, no wonder I no longer fit my slack pants, no longer twist around my sleeping shorts and my mini skirts no longer fit to kill! What is the best weight loss supplements that could possibly keep the 2kgs but ditch the 1kg?

Last Wednesday I came home to a suddenly-turned-control-freak Hobbit. He said "Sayang, your menu for this evening is only pocky. No more eating. Look what the past few weeks have done to you. Yes it made you happy, you look great but often your happiness is short lived. When you don't fit into your clothes, you will start to complain. So today, pocky okay? Hellooo...I got your favorite lychee-flavored pocky...*ended with a big grin while waiting for approval* While my heart nodded to what he just said, my mind told me something else.
So I had my pocky sticks *yummilicious*, then a little later I started asking for cookies that he baked, then I wasn't satisfied, I asked for cheetos and was too salty after several bites, asked for water, asked for korean noodles with cheese when then I could see tummy's sleepy smile. I guess those are the 1kg?!

The Pacifier, The Meal Planner, The PR

These three are the ones who always hang out during my lunch period, after their Honor class period. I call each by what they do best: The Pacifier, The Meal Planner and The PR.

Valentine's Day in Bangkok

How does your city celebrates Valentine's Day?

After being in Bangkok for many years, I started to catch the rhythm of how the city celebrates special occasions. I particularly want to mention Valentine's Day. Why? Because two weeks before the love day, you could already see posters, promotions, discounts, flowers, red-pinkish decos and you name it! The city literally celebrates.

Driving around Bangkok in early February is simply a must perhaps you can be blown away with all the creative stuff they put up just for a day occasion. Florist shops all of a sudden seemed important and flourish, kiosks selling chocolate truffles suddenly get too busy packing orders which rarely happen and seen, cafes promoting couples treat/night with posters and adverts. all over the place plus earthling cupids are seen too busy choosing what to give to their better half cupids!

My school celebrated V-day 2 days earlier this year. So on Feb 11, my class received chocolates, soft toys, flowers and balloons non-stop. Free play of proposals in and outside of the classrooms and other I love yous! To some, their shirts printed 'uninterested' and some 'finally found you' and some had their own cheeky slogan 'who cares!' printed loud and clear. My classes had the day off and played a game everyone would forever recall. Who wants to teach when your students are popping red hearts out of their eyes!

Me? So I tried to be part of my students little magic, hoping that pink magic usp labs would work wonders with all the balloons floating on the ceiling. I managed yes, but one thing surpassed them all...was the love my students showed to me. I couldn't help but popped many hearts out from my eyeballs and smiled as all the popped hearts floated happily together in the air of LOVE.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fruit Cake Gone Wild

Not Really...

Since Hobbit loves fruitcake, two weeks ago I decided to make him fruitcake not without the rum. Probably some of you read that he secretly poured rum into my vanilla ice-cream two weeks ago. That's the same rum I used for his cake! Arghhh.

It didn't require cash advance online but the ingredients did require me to jog around hi-so's supermarkets to hunt for stuff. Once everything was ready on my dining table, Hobbit and I started experimenting. It's clearly read that the temperature should be set at 180 degrees Celsius and cake should stay in the oven for 1 hour 25 minutes. What do you know? The next thing after 30 minutes, the cake had risen bright and shine and was getting sun burnt at 45 minutes! We spelled #$%^@ on the recipe book before we were smart enough to get the cake out of the oven. This was how it turned out on the surface. The raisins boomed like a helium gone wild in balloons and yeah, the sun burn still wasn't that bad minus the nutmeg odor.

Tadda! Turned them upside down and gee the cake is all well. The taste was good too but we decided then to scrap off a cm of the top layer.

Fruitcake anyone??

Heart Skips A Beat - Lenka

This is such a cute song. Remember that girl who sang The Show? Yeah...Lenka! I love that song yet this one is cute. This song was inspired by her coffee drinking habit. Feels like dancing on my feet this morning...My Skips A Beat...My Skips A Beat...

Heart skips a beat my heart skips a beat

My heart is playing tricks on me
And it's building bricks on me
I can't break through
And I can't face you

My world is turning slowly now
But it's burning up somehow
I need some time
To know what's right

'Cause it's only in the quiet that I feel some relief
I'm trying hard not to resist the joy
Don't listen to me I'm being paranoid
I might try hard but it's too hard to avoid

My heart skips a beat
My heart skips a beat
My heart is always first to know
And as the feeling grows
I can't deny push those thoughts aside
My world is full of loveliness
But I focus on the stress

My heart says "Go" but my brain says "No"
And it's only in the quiet that I hear myself breathe

My heart skips a beat
My heart skips a beat

Oh I know this time 'cause it's physical
My blood has stopped and I am breathless as well
But I need a minute to convince myself
'Cause it's only in the quiet that I know what to feel


The last post before this one I noticed was my sort of a CNY greeting and Valentine's Day is over? What else is over that I didn't know of? I think I need a smack for not realizing how fast time flies. Before I forget, yesterday was the last day of Chinese New Year and I didn't get to do anything except for getting stuck at a place where a bunch of people failed to check their equipments before letting an appointment run and ruined other people's Chap Goh Meh! I got so mad that I fed myself t-bone steak to cool off. What a day...

I have been checking a lot of online degree programs lately for one of my family members who wanted to further her studies but just couldn't decide where to go. It's sad that she had to let go of a fancy offer just because. I wouldn't let go of such an offer if I were in her shoes. Well, sometimes we just have to let go and settle for second best. Well, online degree programs could be for me too! Yet I am too lazy to start another degree and finishing them in who knows when...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Last Wednesday night was Chinese New Year eve. Right after school, Hobbit took me to Platinum to spend half of my ang paos while the other half was spent on good food and pampering. While I was in Platinum, I noticed my flats' sole were acting up and so I quickly went to the floor where all the shoes display was at. Well, guess what? I can't find no shoes! Not giving up easily, I went to each floor just to know from the sign board that Platinum had divided itself into three parts. So the now it's Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3. Argh, I wish I could take picture of all the three buildings but no camera! So, Zone 1 - clothes, Zone 2, clothes and other mixed items and Zone 3 - shoes and bags. Zone 3 is kinda hi-so.

The evening was spent at an Indian-Chinese fusion restaurant, Dragon Express. The food was okay, not as what I expected. While the rest enjoyed their extended evening at After You, Hobbit and I went ahead for a 2 hour Thai massage which was pure bliss! :)

Thursday was a holiday. One day but am grateful. :)

Happy Chinese New Year. It's not over yet. It's celebrated until the last day we call Chap Goh Meh.

Yup, that's our ceiling lights. Those little bulbs goes off one by one and we in turn have to call our faithful techie to fix them every now and then.

"Students, please read!"

It's super easy to upload work on document management. At least that's what my students noticed when they started using our class website. They no longer have to carry heavy books home. Yay for them. :)

This week is chill week (as my students put it). We did a lot of reading this week and surprisingly when reading was enforced in class, class discussions got even juicier and the students realized it too. One thing with these Thai kids, they hate reading. Besides my honor class, the rest of my regular classes don't read anything except for their textbooks. It goes along well with the recent statistics shown that the average books per year Vietnamese read is 60, Malaysian and Singaporean shows 40 to 50 books but the average books Thai read per year is guess how many? TWO. I read this in one of my twitter updates and you can make some research on this.

So this quarter, I hear myself repeat those words again and again in literature class..."Students, please read!"
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