Friday, January 7, 2011

Work From Home day 5

I winked and saw Hobbit preparing for work.
Questions without answers.
A kiss.
Sweet dreams.

After a deep sleep...10:56am!!

Yeah...The above always happens when one of us has to go to work. In this case, I sleep in and I always love to show off that I could sleep in for many more days. If I have to go to work and he stays, he has no choice. He wakes up and send me to school. I'd drive, if school has more parking space to offer.

I enjoyed a talk with God this morning. Light, yes...I need light.

I'm suppose to be working. Working on my work (pun intended), yet my fingers just can't avoid from typing "facebook". Naughty! From fb to blogs and from blogs to articles. How I love embedded links, it's like traveling from one place to another.

Then I thought of the milk Hobbit bought yesterday. Milk + Instant Oatmeal = full tummy. So I took legs to the kitchen. When legs got back to chair, Amy needed some entertainment while having brunch. So more blogs. Oh work...Nope, eat breakfast first then work. How did I end up blogging? Oh, Chrystal wanted me to get her stuff...Now I have to go out. Wishing for payday advance but that won't happen. Lets shrug off the idea of 'going out'. Now what?


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