Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tablet Nightmare

I was reading my Sabbath lesson on my iPad last night while lying down in bed last night and all of a sudden I dozed off without realizing. I was holding the tablet still and all of a sudden >>BAMM!!!<< That silly tablet fell and hit hard on my nasal bridge and I was awaken immediately! Dang was I in pain!! I woke up this morning only to find that my nasal bridge was swollen from last night's hit! I was so mad that I slid the tablet that it almost fell off the bed! Hey, I was grouchy haha!

So I told Hobbit about the incident the next morning and he gave me a 'good' piece of advice. I deserved it. As we were screening through the clearance laptops this evening, my heart was suddenly stolen by a tablet which carries the brand Samsung. Sleeker, smaller, and probably won't hurt my nasal bridge too hard if the above would ever happen again! ;)

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