Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 22 Day Trip

Thank you school for filling in my Sunday (today) with a surprise. Thank you for letting me know 'soon' enough that I have to change all my weekend plans. You're just 'awesome'.

So yesterday Hobbit and I went for our day trip which really supposed to be a full weekend trip if School didn't have to make us come today. We left home at 7:30am and reached Muak Lek at about 9:30am and drove around the area to look at sun flowers and several nice places. We haven't been around Muak Lek for quite some time and many changes indeed had taken place. While waiting for D, D and D to finish with church, we got hungry and went to Muak Lek town to fill our tummies. Muak Lek surely changed a lot compared to how I remember it 11 years ago.

After brunch, we went to pick Dee & Dollie and drove to what they call the green noodles place. I wish I wasn't full from brunch because the green noodle I tried from Dee's bowl tasted so good. I must go back and have my own bowl this time. The coco ice drink was good too! The minute we were done, we left for Dairy Home ice-cream. Anytime for ice-cream and free cups! I had honey raisins and wine lychee. Tasted good. Dollie, Deanna and Hobbit had cool flavors as well. It was 3:45pm and we drove to Daron's house to see him. Daron was checking out my iPad and we had a good laugh with Talking Tom and voice recording. That was fun. Not to mention I almost drop my tablet too! Guess I need safety gloves!

We said 4:30pm, then 5pm then 6:30pm but only really left Muak Lek at 6:45pm because we stop at Muak Lek's open air food stalls and got our soy milk & beef noodle cravings entertained! :) Will come back next month...

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