Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Weeeeeehaaa!! I'm back to busy Bangkok. As soon as the plane did a touchdown, my head started to spin just like the city itself. All I could think of is work. How pathetic you say but eh, I'm here because of my job! :)

Flying back a day after the New Year is not advisable. We had to wait in a super crammed and long queue plus the waiting took us an hour or so. My back was hurting and all I wanted was to go home. Lots and lots of tourists and expats!!! The Thai visa section had a nice run because nobody had to queue up for long. I could see several visa officers closed their spot as they wished, as we say in malay 'sesuka hati' and it really pissed people off! Could be their break or off work time but send a replacement! Didn't they notice the mob turning crowd??

I have piles of pictures to put up but I guess some would go to my up coming post about home later. This time I was a good girl. Although I still spent like a billionaire, the reason behind me playing pauper for the next 3 weeks, I managed to spend wisely. Wise in terms of womens sandals, healthy supplements, home food and shared love.

Aight, let me spin some jazz while I board on the work plane. Once again,

Happy 2011!

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