Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cyber Classroom Anyone??

I was too broke to go out after coming back from Malaysia. So the three days Hobbit went to school, I stayed home. Half of the day I was lost because I had too much in mind and was overwhelmed with all the teachings coming up for the 2nd Semester. As I was sitting in front of my notebook, a bright idea came buzzing. I sat in the study for 3 days before my cyber class started running online!

On the first day, I announced the idea of a cyber classroom for the whole 3rd quarter. At first I was skeptical as to how my students would respond to doing their journal and literature discussion questions online but to my surprise, their responses were overwhelming and only encouraged me to utilize the school website and use it to their advantage. So I sat with one of the IT officer who got all the grade 10 students a username and password, got each one of them to log into the school's website and only today did I manage to show them how to navigate through my class' website pages. Most of the pages are password protected from the public so they really need to log in first in order to see what's in certain pages. Otherwise, they just can't do anything with it. Nothing is taken away from class discussions and classwork,
only more work for the studentsonly additional stuff shhhhhh!!!

I started checking some of my students' online journal pages and some of their responses to the online forum thread. All I can say for now is that...It made work a tad easier! Now I can grade from almost everywhere without having to carry books and papers! I think I will love this semester since my regular class are starting their Introduction to Literature and my Honor class, Introduction to Poetry and Kaffir Boy. Both classes will have to do heavy readings and writings. The online website will only enhance if not lighten a whole lot of my marking burden which I yearn for since last semester. Now I can afford to have a little bit of 'me' time in school because I just welcomed two wonderful readers who will be helping with class work as well! Yay!! No more offshore injury! Thank you God.

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