Friday, December 3, 2010

Sport's Day 2010

Their theme was Around The World
It's the day my students had been waiting for-- Sport's Day. I was with the blue house last year and this year, blue seemed to be my color again. I thought, last year we got 3rd place, this year my Sophomore students are definitely going to change what seemed to be the Sophomore's label, 3rd place, to THE WINNER! :)

A few months back before Sport's Day, my students had been telling me about their preparation and how they work after school to prepare for the Sport's day stand and decorations. In fact the past few weeks they have been exhausted. Some days, some of them come to class sleepy! I'm not talking about the lazy ones, but the good ones who never dozed off in class were literally heads down while lesson was going on. When asked, their answer mostly referred to how they've been practicing cheer leading, preparing props, etc. The past days, some of the girls came limping from too much of stunts!! I took pity and just praying throughout that they would win. Some of the guys suffered body aches because according to them, they have to build muscles before the event!
Train stewardess *_*
After two days of frantic chaos and noisy cheers, Blue won 1st place!!! My students were very happy, excited and felt that all their hard work paid off. I was happy for them too since I knew how much effort they put to make everything happen. The support from the primary, elementary and middle school blues were immense too! Congratulations BLUE HOUSE!!!
The mastermind--Kes

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