Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Run For The King 2010

I participated in another marathon run last Sunday Dec 05, 2010. This was my first time running for HM the King. At first I thought I would not join because I just ran the weekend before. Yet my students who were also running persuaded me that they signed me up that all I had to do was to hand them 300B for registration fees. Good customer service representative work! Argh...They could always find ways to get me into doing something!

So on the King's birthday, 5am, drowsy...Hobbit had to whisked me out of the bed and get ready. We drove to school to meet up with the rest and headed for Lumpini park with a cab. It was slightly 5:50am when we reached the place and Uncle H had to quickly line up for the 10km run. The rest of us were there for pure fun. Thus explained the short parade (yeah, we wanted to run but a bunch of nurses and other 'troops' were ahead of us). When it was our turn to 'run' we were given paper flags which made the parade the more 'interesting!' Soon, we were marching by default!

The walk was pleasant, we got to wave like little boys and girls but the experience was unique as well. Needless to describe, we simply had fun--The young and the old. After collecting our trophies, we gave our best smiles in a mini photography session and went home with happy hearts together with prayers that the king will be blessed with good health and prosperity. Long live HM the king! :)

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