Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Can't Keep Up With Gadgets

Hobbit and I went to MBK yesterday evening and we had the longest wait while they did some tweaking on one of our gadgets. It means more games and more app and never ending fiddling! While waiting, we went around Siam Square and I finally get to buy a semi maxi dress. Speaking of maxi dresses, I thought I would never look good on one since I'm such a petite, short Mrs. Yet Dolls and Dee managed to changed my perception about long dresses. They do look good on me waistline downwards but I rather not comment from my waistline upwards haha! Yet overall it wasn't too bad. Thanks girls! :)

The many gadgets on the 4th floor of MBK is overwhelming. There's a rumor, oh let's not say news...that Iphone 5 is going to be released next year followed by Ipad 2. How do people keep up with these things really? Hobbit and I was also looking through omnia hardware and pretty casings. One of my friend claim that MBK phones are short lasting. To some extend I do agree given if you buy from a swindler but there are also places that provides good services and I know of one gadget shop whose owner speaks good English, tweets a lot and have the best ever manners among all the phone sellers I've dealt with. I wish I had gone to him before buying an iphone 3gs for a family member the the past few months. Everything was okay until we tried turning on the wifi! Lesson is, always check on the wifi on any new smart phones or any other gadgets that comes with it before you buy something. Enough said, I'm going to brood on doodle find now! ^^

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