Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello Sabah!

Can't believe time travels real fast. Last year around this time we were at Cambodia, celebrating with R & Z. We decided to not go home this year and go somewhere else but plans had to be canceled due to grandma. She is very weak right now and I know as I step into the house tomorrow, she'll not be sitting where she used to, waiting for me to enter the house. She'll probably be in her room lying in bed. I hate how things changed quickly. I want grandma to laugh and make silly jokes again. I want her to sing me silly songs that I get so irritated that I would want to pull all my hair off unless she stops. I want the strong and healthy grandma back. Yet, one thing I was glad after hearing it from mom. She no longer chew bitter nuts! :) Backwoods cigars would be a good! Anyway, yeah, I can't wait to be home yet at the same time it's hard to leave work here.

If I don't get to blog, check my FB or anything close...That means I am either having too much fun or I'm either too occupied or either this and either that. What ever 'either' that is, let me wish each of you a

Very Happy Jolly Holiday!!!

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