Sunday, December 12, 2010

Handel's Messiah Concert

We had several days to choose from that we could go. So Rachel, Hobbit and I picked Saturday night, December 4 to attend the annual Handel's Messiah Concert held at Evangelical Church of Bangkok, Sukhumvit 10.
We fetched Rachel and quickly made our way to Sukhumvit 10. Because we only drove half way and took the BTS half way, we were drenched by our own sweat while we made our way along Sukhumvit 10 and into the church. Good thing we arrived early. The choir were still practicing and we had the privilege to choose from the many available seats! :) I love the Christmas lights and deco that welcomed us at the front entrance of the building. The Christmas spirit just sipped into one's soul without even realizing it. Despite the walking and the sweat, we were quickly switched into a jolly mood, minus the hunger. Rachel then mentioned about her wishing for wooden swing sets which brought us to a ho ho ho! Nah..Just an inside stupid joke...^^

By 7:40pm, the singing started and I could see Ma'am Lily's beautiful smile among the singers. I admire her energy! She seemed to be at different places at different time. Like today, she's singing in a concert and as early as 6am the next day, she's on a marathon run! See, she's everywhere and her sweet smile and laughter, simply able to brighten up a person's day!

The singing was a blessing. It's good to listen to the Bible speak up beautiful messages in a 260-page original manuscript that was miraculously composed in a mere 24 days, including all orchestration and choral parts. I never seize to wonder how on earth Georg Friedrich Handel did it in 1741! As I sat there reading through the words as they sung, I imagined the scenes of every verses and some parts gave me goosebumps all over!

Okay, so we were hungry after the concert. We walked to the closest Sunrise Taco, had big eyes, ordered big servings and had to take home what we couldn't afford in our tummies. Overall, it was a good evening well spent, listening to simple Christmas stories.
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