Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodbye Grandma Gouge

After all the cheering, running, picture-taking, laughing, and more cheering part ended in school, some of us teachers, together with BAIS teacher's and TAM workers hired two buses and headed for the third funeral service for Mrs Leona Gouge.
Their son, Victor Gouge
It was good to see many familiar faces again. Most of us who went were either colleague, friend or student of Mr & Mrs Gouge. On our way up to Muak Lek, Saraburi, some of us were busy reminiscing our days at what was then MC (now AIU). Good times are hard to forget especially when life is touched by significant people.

We left at 3:40pm and reached at 5:50pm and headed straight for supper at the cafeteria. Then everyone walked up to the church and the program (organized by those of us from Bangkok) started at 6:40pm. For me, it was a mixture of happy and sad feelings. I was happy that grandma could eventually rest. She served the Lord right until the day she died and that is something that I want to be able to do. I am also sad that I won't be seeing the loving duo holding hands and walking together again. Grandpa and grandma's love and affection towards each other are my prayers that Hobbit and I will be sharing that kind of love and affection when we both grow old like the couple. Anyway, the program was encouraging and the three of us (Hobbit, Dollie and I) got to sing a beautiful song --When I Cry by Marshall Hall.

After some refreshment, we left for Bangkok at about 9-ish in the evening and only reached Bangkok at around 11:15pm. I reached home, took a shower and looked at myself at the mirror, applied the best eye wrinkle cream and went to bed. The next day was another day of Sport's Day.


Unknown said...

Thank you, This was a very special time for all of us to remember that we do not have to be a super star to leave very deep and lasting impessions on those around us. Let us remember this every time we meet some one on the sidewalk to smile, and everytime we open our mouths to say the words like we would want them to be said to us.

Victor Gouge

Anonymous said...

Julie Peach=Gouge
Tears are in my eyes, with love and blessings in my heart for the love you have for mom and dad, and the love they have for all of you. Thank You for all that is done, was done, and will be done.... Love you all too,'Julie

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