Thursday, December 2, 2010

D & C's Birthday Duo Celebration

Thanks to Carlos for the pictures :)
Last Monday we celebrated Dollie and Charmaine's birthday duo at Sizzler, Major Ekamai. That morning, Dollie and I made sure that we had small breakfast, no lunch but a big dinner. Well, I thought it was easy to go without breakfast and lunch but it wasn't and I got really hungry at 1:30pm. I had nothing but flashes of good food running through my mind!

I tried to get myself busy with work and tutoring after school. Yet one student came in with nothing but of all things FOOD!!! It was a great temptation. I could just walk to the snack bar and grab something but lucky enough I had a bottle of water. So I filled myself with liquid to suppress hunger. A few more hours...A few more hours and I'm there hugging the salad bar! Ahh!! When my tutoring students left, I went to this website: just trying to think that I'm doing good to my body. LOL

It was 5pm, Hobbit and I drove to Sizzler and believe it or not, we only started eating at 6:30pm. Yeah, that's expected. I was glad Dollie sat next beside me. She got to renew her membership card and it came with several vouchers/coupons. Hobbit and I used one of them for spicy grilled chicken. It tasted so good as if that was my first time having it. I was hungry that's why.
I was glad that Ah Maine and Dolls get to celebrate their birthdays together. They were about 30 of us who came and celebrated with them. Since they were both new/renewed members, they get free platters and free polaroid picture each. Everyone had a good time.
Happy Birthday Charmaine (Nov 29, 2010) and Happy Birthday Dollie, today. :)
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