Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Cool Weather Is Back

Happy cool Sabbath! It's nice to wake up and find myself sleeping in the middle room instead of in my bedroom...and without brushing my teeth last night. No wonder I had weird dreams...Doh!!!

Dang, every time around this time of the year I get mild acne. I know exactly why though. One, almost always this time around, I start to catch up and juggle with a lot of things e.g. work, events, celebrations, and more work. All that would result in lack of rest, lack of sleep, and lack of energy. Simple equation.

Speaking of events and celebrations, Hobbit's birthday is coming up soon. Tomorrow! It's also our honeymoon day! Haha! Anyway, today is also my aunty Alice's birthday, my cousin Imy's birthday, and my sister Micelle's birthday! Yesterday was also my cousin Daryl's birthday. Usually, if we were home early, all of the above birthday-lings would celebrate their birthdays together and we would have lots and lots of fun painting cakes on each others faces. I dont' think we could catch up with their plans this time since we're only going home next week. Yet, we would have a big family gathering with grandma Anna, the woman that made Hobbit and I gave up our tickets to Hong Kong this holiday. She has been sick and weak for several months now, it's only right if I could spend some time with her this Christmas. I love her so dearly. :)

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