Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogging From Kg.Kionsom

I just figured that I could freely blog through an app. on my iPad! Yay! Been trying to figure this out for 3 weeks already. It can't do much except typing words in but I'm good with it for now. Okay,I'm on my 6th day vacationing in Sabah, so far everything went smoothly as planned and more fun to come. Grandma is doing well while I was home in Tambunan. We joke around like we used to do. Her only wish for me is to have kids of my own. I told her that she has enough great grand children and immediately she lifted her "tongkat" and shoved it towards me with disapproval gesture. I laughed and irritated her more until we both had a good laugh on the many things we shared with each other.I was happy,she was too.That's enough for another separation,I guess. I miss her daily.

Other things,I've been good putting on weight. It's a blessing because I get to enjoy food with great family and friends. I don't recall a day I sat eating alone. One thing I lack in Sabah is loneliness. I like that.:)

Well, there's much more but it's a pain typing from my iPad. It can't totally replace a notebook just yet. I'm hearing my Hobbit hand washing outside,I handwashed yesterday and both my palms were terribly in pain because of my sensitive skin reacting towards any detergent. Anyway, I'm so thankful to have a husband who is willing to do the ladies' chores not because he likes doing it but he does for me.

Two more days to 2011, Wonder what next year would bring. So Happy New Year everyone!!

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