Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogging From Kg.Kionsom

I just figured that I could freely blog through an app. on my iPad! Yay! Been trying to figure this out for 3 weeks already. It can't do much except typing words in but I'm good with it for now. Okay,I'm on my 6th day vacationing in Sabah, so far everything went smoothly as planned and more fun to come. Grandma is doing well while I was home in Tambunan. We joke around like we used to do. Her only wish for me is to have kids of my own. I told her that she has enough great grand children and immediately she lifted her "tongkat" and shoved it towards me with disapproval gesture. I laughed and irritated her more until we both had a good laugh on the many things we shared with each other.I was happy,she was too.That's enough for another separation,I guess. I miss her daily.

Other things,I've been good putting on weight. It's a blessing because I get to enjoy food with great family and friends. I don't recall a day I sat eating alone. One thing I lack in Sabah is loneliness. I like that.:)

Well, there's much more but it's a pain typing from my iPad. It can't totally replace a notebook just yet. I'm hearing my Hobbit hand washing outside,I handwashed yesterday and both my palms were terribly in pain because of my sensitive skin reacting towards any detergent. Anyway, I'm so thankful to have a husband who is willing to do the ladies' chores not because he likes doing it but he does for me.

Two more days to 2011, Wonder what next year would bring. So Happy New Year everyone!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello Sabah!

Can't believe time travels real fast. Last year around this time we were at Cambodia, celebrating with R & Z. We decided to not go home this year and go somewhere else but plans had to be canceled due to grandma. She is very weak right now and I know as I step into the house tomorrow, she'll not be sitting where she used to, waiting for me to enter the house. She'll probably be in her room lying in bed. I hate how things changed quickly. I want grandma to laugh and make silly jokes again. I want her to sing me silly songs that I get so irritated that I would want to pull all my hair off unless she stops. I want the strong and healthy grandma back. Yet, one thing I was glad after hearing it from mom. She no longer chew bitter nuts! :) Backwoods cigars would be a good! Anyway, yeah, I can't wait to be home yet at the same time it's hard to leave work here.

If I don't get to blog, check my FB or anything close...That means I am either having too much fun or I'm either too occupied or either this and either that. What ever 'either' that is, let me wish each of you a

Very Happy Jolly Holiday!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deck The Halls by La Senza

I thought this lingerie advertisement from La Senza is pretty unique. The models sing notes according to their bra cup size. The hit on youtube so far is 2,265,593 and many people, especially men out there wished that there will be more commercials like this in the future lol! Yet, it's such a unique and creative campaign ad, don't you think so?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pick Your Smartphone

My brother Ander's pick...

Ander's sister's not-so-awesome smart phone that was totally busted the first month *_*

Our parent's pick yet they don't own one (yet)

Make your pick...

I've been trying to persuade my brother to get an iphone or a blackberry but he insisted on getting himself the highly reviewed htc desire android. I went to one of the htc centre last week and fiddled with the phone my brother was hoo-haing about and guess what? I liked it too! Well, right now I could only stick with my BB and give out the iphone 3gs we bought and never used to one of my family member. My dad would love to have it but hey, my mom would probably get jealous of him. I wish I'm another iphone richer!! Speaking of phone gadgets, I am typing this post one amazing gadget which I would probably blog about sometimes later! Thanks to all the efforts I put on my paid blogs that I could save enough to get this! This time, Mitch (my brother) would be very jealous of me...muhahahhaha!!

The Cool Weather Is Back

Happy cool Sabbath! It's nice to wake up and find myself sleeping in the middle room instead of in my bedroom...and without brushing my teeth last night. No wonder I had weird dreams...Doh!!!

Dang, every time around this time of the year I get mild acne. I know exactly why though. One, almost always this time around, I start to catch up and juggle with a lot of things e.g. work, events, celebrations, and more work. All that would result in lack of rest, lack of sleep, and lack of energy. Simple equation.

Speaking of events and celebrations, Hobbit's birthday is coming up soon. Tomorrow! It's also our honeymoon day! Haha! Anyway, today is also my aunty Alice's birthday, my cousin Imy's birthday, and my sister Micelle's birthday! Yesterday was also my cousin Daryl's birthday. Usually, if we were home early, all of the above birthday-lings would celebrate their birthdays together and we would have lots and lots of fun painting cakes on each others faces. I dont' think we could catch up with their plans this time since we're only going home next week. Yet, we would have a big family gathering with grandma Anna, the woman that made Hobbit and I gave up our tickets to Hong Kong this holiday. She has been sick and weak for several months now, it's only right if I could spend some time with her this Christmas. I love her so dearly. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life's Potpourri 2010

I simply can't make up my mind on a new template layout for this blog. It has been a faithful two years that these three daisies stands un-shriveled. So I guess it's time to change. Yet, I've enjoyed blogging about a potpourri of beautiful and hideous things in life the past two years that each petal on the daisies only reminds me to not forget-- to count the many blessings (petals) God has given and will give to me. Knowing that I am so blessed to have many jars of potpourri filled with colorful petals among my treasures, I am thus only encouraged to keep writing.
♥ ♥ ♥

I Can't Keep Up With Gadgets

Hobbit and I went to MBK yesterday evening and we had the longest wait while they did some tweaking on one of our gadgets. It means more games and more app and never ending fiddling! While waiting, we went around Siam Square and I finally get to buy a semi maxi dress. Speaking of maxi dresses, I thought I would never look good on one since I'm such a petite, short Mrs. Yet Dolls and Dee managed to changed my perception about long dresses. They do look good on me waistline downwards but I rather not comment from my waistline upwards haha! Yet overall it wasn't too bad. Thanks girls! :)

The many gadgets on the 4th floor of MBK is overwhelming. There's a rumor, oh let's not say news...that Iphone 5 is going to be released next year followed by Ipad 2. How do people keep up with these things really? Hobbit and I was also looking through omnia hardware and pretty casings. One of my friend claim that MBK phones are short lasting. To some extend I do agree given if you buy from a swindler but there are also places that provides good services and I know of one gadget shop whose owner speaks good English, tweets a lot and have the best ever manners among all the phone sellers I've dealt with. I wish I had gone to him before buying an iphone 3gs for a family member the the past few months. Everything was okay until we tried turning on the wifi! Lesson is, always check on the wifi on any new smart phones or any other gadgets that comes with it before you buy something. Enough said, I'm going to brood on doodle find now! ^^

Handel's Messiah Concert

We had several days to choose from that we could go. So Rachel, Hobbit and I picked Saturday night, December 4 to attend the annual Handel's Messiah Concert held at Evangelical Church of Bangkok, Sukhumvit 10.
We fetched Rachel and quickly made our way to Sukhumvit 10. Because we only drove half way and took the BTS half way, we were drenched by our own sweat while we made our way along Sukhumvit 10 and into the church. Good thing we arrived early. The choir were still practicing and we had the privilege to choose from the many available seats! :) I love the Christmas lights and deco that welcomed us at the front entrance of the building. The Christmas spirit just sipped into one's soul without even realizing it. Despite the walking and the sweat, we were quickly switched into a jolly mood, minus the hunger. Rachel then mentioned about her wishing for wooden swing sets which brought us to a ho ho ho! Nah..Just an inside stupid joke...^^

By 7:40pm, the singing started and I could see Ma'am Lily's beautiful smile among the singers. I admire her energy! She seemed to be at different places at different time. Like today, she's singing in a concert and as early as 6am the next day, she's on a marathon run! See, she's everywhere and her sweet smile and laughter, simply able to brighten up a person's day!

The singing was a blessing. It's good to listen to the Bible speak up beautiful messages in a 260-page original manuscript that was miraculously composed in a mere 24 days, including all orchestration and choral parts. I never seize to wonder how on earth Georg Friedrich Handel did it in 1741! As I sat there reading through the words as they sung, I imagined the scenes of every verses and some parts gave me goosebumps all over!

Okay, so we were hungry after the concert. We walked to the closest Sunrise Taco, had big eyes, ordered big servings and had to take home what we couldn't afford in our tummies. Overall, it was a good evening well spent, listening to simple Christmas stories.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Six

Yesterday December 06, 2010 was a public holiday. We were told that a bunch of us--The Family, would go to King's Park at 6am to accompany F & J for a photo shoot session. Well, the first thing I did after waking up was experimenting handling my hair with a curling iron! :) I've always relied on Hobbit to do the curling whenever needed but since I layered my hair last August, we never fiddled with the curling iron anymore. So the night before, I decided that I would learn how to curl my hair with a curling iron for once! That's how I was brought to a 30 minutes self-curling session and was late for the park. Oh, thanks to Michelle Phan on the LCD TV too!!

Well, we got to the park at a little before 7:30am. Our initial plan was to look and join the rest of the 'family', yet the kiosk right in front of the entrance gate distracted us. We ended up shopping for people back home and there went our moola! Once shopping was done, we strolled along the path that led us into acres of beautiful flowers. Guess what? We got too distracted that we didn't manage to get to our 'family'. I got into a short mood of taking nice pictures, so I buzzed down the shutter and was lost in time. Reminds me...I need to go back for more pictures before the colorful flowers are taken away!

The rest of the day was spent at Seacon Square with D, D, F, J, J and R. Some of us enjoyed a moment of bliss in a massage spa. The masseurs did a good job on us! :)

Run For The King 2010

I participated in another marathon run last Sunday Dec 05, 2010. This was my first time running for HM the King. At first I thought I would not join because I just ran the weekend before. Yet my students who were also running persuaded me that they signed me up that all I had to do was to hand them 300B for registration fees. Good customer service representative work! Argh...They could always find ways to get me into doing something!

So on the King's birthday, 5am, drowsy...Hobbit had to whisked me out of the bed and get ready. We drove to school to meet up with the rest and headed for Lumpini park with a cab. It was slightly 5:50am when we reached the place and Uncle H had to quickly line up for the 10km run. The rest of us were there for pure fun. Thus explained the short parade (yeah, we wanted to run but a bunch of nurses and other 'troops' were ahead of us). When it was our turn to 'run' we were given paper flags which made the parade the more 'interesting!' Soon, we were marching by default!

The walk was pleasant, we got to wave like little boys and girls but the experience was unique as well. Needless to describe, we simply had fun--The young and the old. After collecting our trophies, we gave our best smiles in a mini photography session and went home with happy hearts together with prayers that the king will be blessed with good health and prosperity. Long live HM the king! :)

Honey, My Ipad Shrunk My Violin!!

Too lazy to carry your music instruments around? Well, fret not because you can now carry almost anything you want to in an ipad! There are many videos out there that shows you how handy the iphone, ipad, Samsung galaxy, etc can get but does that mean they can really replace all that in your life? They do make life manageable but they make otherwise too! That's why people say, technology is a friend and an enemy wrapped nicely in one! :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodbye Grandma Gouge

After all the cheering, running, picture-taking, laughing, and more cheering part ended in school, some of us teachers, together with BAIS teacher's and TAM workers hired two buses and headed for the third funeral service for Mrs Leona Gouge.
Their son, Victor Gouge
It was good to see many familiar faces again. Most of us who went were either colleague, friend or student of Mr & Mrs Gouge. On our way up to Muak Lek, Saraburi, some of us were busy reminiscing our days at what was then MC (now AIU). Good times are hard to forget especially when life is touched by significant people.

We left at 3:40pm and reached at 5:50pm and headed straight for supper at the cafeteria. Then everyone walked up to the church and the program (organized by those of us from Bangkok) started at 6:40pm. For me, it was a mixture of happy and sad feelings. I was happy that grandma could eventually rest. She served the Lord right until the day she died and that is something that I want to be able to do. I am also sad that I won't be seeing the loving duo holding hands and walking together again. Grandpa and grandma's love and affection towards each other are my prayers that Hobbit and I will be sharing that kind of love and affection when we both grow old like the couple. Anyway, the program was encouraging and the three of us (Hobbit, Dollie and I) got to sing a beautiful song --When I Cry by Marshall Hall.

After some refreshment, we left for Bangkok at about 9-ish in the evening and only reached Bangkok at around 11:15pm. I reached home, took a shower and looked at myself at the mirror, applied the best eye wrinkle cream and went to bed. The next day was another day of Sport's Day.

Sport's Day 2010

Their theme was Around The World
It's the day my students had been waiting for-- Sport's Day. I was with the blue house last year and this year, blue seemed to be my color again. I thought, last year we got 3rd place, this year my Sophomore students are definitely going to change what seemed to be the Sophomore's label, 3rd place, to THE WINNER! :)

A few months back before Sport's Day, my students had been telling me about their preparation and how they work after school to prepare for the Sport's day stand and decorations. In fact the past few weeks they have been exhausted. Some days, some of them come to class sleepy! I'm not talking about the lazy ones, but the good ones who never dozed off in class were literally heads down while lesson was going on. When asked, their answer mostly referred to how they've been practicing cheer leading, preparing props, etc. The past days, some of the girls came limping from too much of stunts!! I took pity and just praying throughout that they would win. Some of the guys suffered body aches because according to them, they have to build muscles before the event!
Train stewardess *_*
After two days of frantic chaos and noisy cheers, Blue won 1st place!!! My students were very happy, excited and felt that all their hard work paid off. I was happy for them too since I knew how much effort they put to make everything happen. The support from the primary, elementary and middle school blues were immense too! Congratulations BLUE HOUSE!!!
The mastermind--Kes

Thursday, December 2, 2010

D & C's Birthday Duo Celebration

Thanks to Carlos for the pictures :)
Last Monday we celebrated Dollie and Charmaine's birthday duo at Sizzler, Major Ekamai. That morning, Dollie and I made sure that we had small breakfast, no lunch but a big dinner. Well, I thought it was easy to go without breakfast and lunch but it wasn't and I got really hungry at 1:30pm. I had nothing but flashes of good food running through my mind!

I tried to get myself busy with work and tutoring after school. Yet one student came in with nothing but of all things FOOD!!! It was a great temptation. I could just walk to the snack bar and grab something but lucky enough I had a bottle of water. So I filled myself with liquid to suppress hunger. A few more hours...A few more hours and I'm there hugging the salad bar! Ahh!! When my tutoring students left, I went to this website: just trying to think that I'm doing good to my body. LOL

It was 5pm, Hobbit and I drove to Sizzler and believe it or not, we only started eating at 6:30pm. Yeah, that's expected. I was glad Dollie sat next beside me. She got to renew her membership card and it came with several vouchers/coupons. Hobbit and I used one of them for spicy grilled chicken. It tasted so good as if that was my first time having it. I was hungry that's why.
I was glad that Ah Maine and Dolls get to celebrate their birthdays together. They were about 30 of us who came and celebrated with them. Since they were both new/renewed members, they get free platters and free polaroid picture each. Everyone had a good time.
Happy Birthday Charmaine (Nov 29, 2010) and Happy Birthday Dollie, today. :)
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