Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wang Nam Kaew Road Trip

Hobbit and I went camping last weekend! :)

I was stressed out with work last Friday that I walked into the school front desk and sat, filled the pink slips for phones I confiscated (100B to collect each phone ^_^), sat there and didn't feel like moving. I just wanted to be idle for a few hours. Maam Rhodi walked towards the front desk where I was sitting and said, "Maam...You are very strict na!" I said nothing. I looked at her. Stared to be exact. "Maam Rhodi, I really, really need a short vacation!" She laughed at my suddenness. Then P'Ni came and tapped my shoulder saying "wanna join us to Wang Nam Keaw mai?" My lipofuze face lit up and as every 'lazy typers' would say...The rest is history!

Here are some pictures taken at cold Nakhon Nayok Dam, foggy Wang Nam Kaew and mini Italian Palio street. Hobbit and I were so glad we made the decision to go despite of the last minute preparation. Thank you P' Ni and the rest. You guys made our weekend a memorable one! :)
The longest dam bridge in the world, according to the Thais

The girls minus the 3 guys who were 24/7 clicking on their cameras
A Cup Of Love is the name of the place. Beautiful but not fully cultivated yet.

Bu-Ngasari Resort, our camp place. The resort was a full house that day.Clean restroom for a very particular me. Thumbs up to this place on their amenities.
Abbie who loves to play with Uncle and Auntie Hobbits! :)

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