Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Psalms 147:7-8 Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praise upon the harp unto our God: Who covereth the heaven with clouds, who prepareth rain for the earth, who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains.

sometime I wonder God why did u create pain

was it all a big mistake or had you gone insane

y r some people tortured and oppressed

while others are elegant and well dressed

why do some die of hunger digging for scraps of food

while others dine in pleasure drinking wine n beer freshly brewed

why are some children born just to die in a war at age thirteen

while others live long in mansion with grass so fresh and green

why are some born with no love they grow up lonely depressed

while others are glorified worshiped and lovingly caressed

why do some accumulate wealth and pleasures easily with haste

while others try n try there efforts all in waste

one can think over and over about this mess that u created

one can question question question question till the mind gets frustrated

the rich have grown into ennui so weary

the poor have grown so tired and teary

the rich are hurting God the poor are hurting God we all cry out in pain

so many search and search for happiness their efforts all in vain

does anyone even care anymore for the hurt of another soul

love stands back forgotten as greed and apathy take control

fear hate and terrorism always leave us shaking

look at us God we're the very image of dystopia in the making

outwardly our world is filled with pollution and chaos

inwardly our souls are suffering lost in a blurry grey loss

have we even forgotten how to love with one in every two marriages ending in divorce

it scares my heart to see how people can just trample over each other showing no remorse

it depresses me how in this day and age our children can't even play outside

do something God help us save us from this world in which we abide

even religion the one hope for humanity has turned into a mess

all religions seem to do these days is fight belittle God and make followers feel worthless

we have become so fake putting up an outer gate a show

who we are lies lost inside us buried so long ago

we have such a thirst a longing for your love so divine

we ignore it : it never goes away though and our hearts slowly pay the fine

Lord I could not take it anymore

so I came running running a beggar at your door

when i felt your love for the first time it all became so clear

only you can fill the emptiness make it disappear

many paths many religions lay down different doctrines

but I only see you in everyone and everything beholding you my burning heart always grins

you can cure the world God if only we could see

that the way to happiness is grabbing you intuitively

you love has the power to carry the soul above all pain and pleasure

you grace is beyond all mention your bounty beyond all measure

somehow I know that if I were to lose my riches my wealth instantly overnight

but still if I have you I have everything and everything will always be alright

rags or riches Ill be rich when its you I serve

My souls will always stand steady nothing will make it swerve

I guess there is a method to your madness God make no mistake

the true treasure is real while the rest is a joke so feel ably fake

I'd rather cry with your love then laugh dryly without your grace

I don't care what pain you may make me face

whether I'm flying or falling running or stalling poor or well fed

In the words of Guru Gobind Singh I'd give up the comforts of thousands of blankets

for the warmth of my beloved friend God's humble straw bed
--Author Unknown

The school had Thanksgiving yesterday and we had fun making our own TG hat and of course, we had GOOD food. :)

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